1. Wtf it says he deleted the comment. He said he invested 60k$ and was worried with “haha”

  2. Are you a bot? Have you even taken the time to look at the volume reported?

  3. So it runs flat because bbby is no longer for now in bankruptcy?

  4. So they shorted more yesterday with a 92% hike then today with a -47%….

  5. Hey it’s missing like 60M volumes LOL. If you add them, we will be way over 70%.

  6. The float was similar. More than 100M and less than 150M.

  7. Soon they will be tired of lying and one of them will go YOLO.

  8. Any ways we can reply and publish all over the internet : “business journalists” are all liers such as wsj / yahoo / msm says people with familiar matter that refused to comment. I am sure there’s a hacker among us.

  9. Feels like you want to sell it to your “friend” as a gen ….

  10. is this for today to BUY or for today to happen?

  11. bonds look good. no other dilution for shareholders for 90 days per filing this morning. Edit: other dilution

  12. I didnt know you had to disclose at 17k shares

  13. 1 day later : i was right come on. Never count the eggs so early

  14. exactly, thats why you shoulnt have told me to check again yesterday. You are against me doing it and told me to find a real job while its ok for you to tell me to 'check again'. Ok.

  15. at this point they should just put it at 690%. Whats the point going from 443 to 452% ????

  16. What? 581,360 shares bought at 9:57 but it went lower at 10:00

  17. It use to not be so obvious until the markets got bloated in 2021. It's supposed to be discreet. Now not so much. Pretty obvious the markets are recursive.

  18. Looks like you got some serious knowledge, thanks for sharing

  19. Read the article already... It basically says that they slashed the target to zero cause... "the capital raising effort were a “last gasp,” before a bankruptcy filing that would wipe out the equity." [...] "However, free cash flow was a whopping minus-$403 million in its fiscal third quarter while cash-on-hand stood at just $153 million at the end of the period, and we expect minus-$170 million in free cash flow for the fourth quarter,” said analysts led by Seth Basham." 💎💎🚀🌕🌕🚀

  20. It’s funny how those analysts doesn’t praise a company’s effort to raise back from the dead, instead, they step on it a few more. Jesus.

  21. Wtf is wedbush? Like Wednesday George bush?

  22. Imagine still using robinhood during this war ;)

  23. First time I see 7.5k comments on the daily discussion of bbby lol

  24. Elon mentioned Beyond, I hope it will spark something tomorrow! We still got 4 trading days to go till the end of the week guys. Let’s not give up. Our goal is 6$ this week.

  25. This guy is mega active talking about bbby every half hour lol

  26. He actually waited to post after 18h00 hahahahah. If it didn’t dip, he would of stfu

  27. Well i guess here's why. They let it fly to 7$ (120%) then in the AH, bring it back down to a +15% in total during the day.

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