AITA for telling my son he overreacted to his stepdad's prank?

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  1. Since I have actually not read the manga, what I understand that people did not like how the storyline turned out. (Bad ending?)

  2. Yep: you need to reserve tickets in advance. You cannot buy those at the museum.

  3. If you really want the ticket you can also buy from a service to make sure you get ticket.

  4. YTA. This is not a prank, this is just pure evil. Usually when you ”prank” something like this you end with just kidding, here is your real car.

  5. Har du flying tiger eller systrarna grene närheten? Ganska bra pris på pussel/pyssel där

  6. Och du tror de kollar det? Har en vän som ljuger om att han inte snusar trots att han gör det varje dag. Han har nivå 1 eller 2. Hade han sagt att han hade snusat hade de kickat upp han i högre klasser.

  7. Snus påverkar inte nivåer, sen syns det i slemhinnan om man har snusat ett tag. Behandlare vet, palla bara inte gör en grej av det

  8. Is work wife a thing? Sorry I dont live in USA so I dont get it.

  9. Really nice read after so many bad reads here! Thanks for sharing

  10. What is the best (not frequently mentioned/asked for) justice boner BOrU you know. More of a personal favorite than Reddit classic (looking for one that I'm not likely to know)

  11. Someone posted this story here before but I like it. Incase someone have not read it yet,

  12. you look so pretty ! i think a small eyeliner wing would look good !! maybe that’s what you feel is missing ?

  13. Second this, small eyeliner wing is enough and your eyes is really pretty!

  14. Alright comments, let's get into some WIIILLLDDD SPECULATIOOOON!!

  15. I cannot remember what the posts were about, but I remember that the very last edit on the last post was a recipe on how to make marijuana infused coconut oil lube. Hopefully that rings a bell for someone here lol

  16. It was about his fiance were cheating on him with her professor so he did a revenge on them by putting poison ivy? on the lube to make them think they got STD. I think it was on a revenge subreddit

  17. Best material for sweaty kids: merino wool/ wool and silk fabrics. Prevent overheating and are hand washable so very co henkend for travelling.

  18. Invest in wool for layer is really worth for the trip. The toddler will be warm and not too hot since the material is breathable.

  19. There is also this update that was interesting to read.

  20. If you have a daughter you can pressure her to have children

  21. I guess OP mean twin that is 4 years older than the character

  22. Looking through her ai cherie facebook and already see her pattern of buying commenter/likes since 2012. Lots of fake facebook account with 20+ friends and only share stuff about lovely miss cherie…

  23. its a pilea plant !! (Pls correct me if im wrong)

  24. Its right! Some people call it chinese money plant too.

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