1. The lifts at my locals have separators on the bar that go between each person, but if you are going up a 4 man with only 2-3 people, you may not be perfectly positioned between the separators so if the bar comes down hard and fast, you take it straight to the thigh/balls

  2. Oh ok, that seems like a really unnecessary feature. Kind of think that the person who designed that didn't do a whole lot of skiing.

  3. It's so little kids don't slide out under the bar.

  4. How does it help? If it's between people you can still slip underneath the bar in front of you?

  5. I don't have any advice for rid of the poop, but I do have advice on how to keep it from happening again.

  6. You are naïvely assuming that the address of the value has not escaped, and your general attitude here is exactly why it is a common practice.

  7. Finns det inte en risk att grottan rasar ihop och man fastnar där under all snö?

  8. Maybe that explains why the ratings are usually crap compared to e.g. Rotten Tomatoes!

  9. If you are comparing the imdb points to the rt percentages they are different metrics. RT percentages are the percentage of critics that liked a given film/tvshow. If all the reviewers give a film a 7 score, it will have 100% on the tomatometer. Same film on imdb would be 7, rt also has those averages but is not the main metric.

  10. I don't really know what I'm comparing. I mostly think that when I look at reviews for movies that I really like they tend to have higher ratings on RT and lower (still high) on IMDB.

  11. Why? Film price rants are the fabric of this sub, just like:

  12. This is a bit of a bummer. There's loads of good content on dpreview. But the forum experience was always kinda quirky and I never quite got the hang of how to navigate it.

  13. Their forum is unnavigable. I never clicked on a DPreview link when it showed up on Google.

  14. It's funny because I only ever navigated there through Google. I often searched for e.g. Dpreview intrepid or whatever.

  15. C41 is such a simple process. I maintain it's easier than black and white.

  16. I developed C41 before B&W. It's easier in the sense that all film are processed the same. But it's messier when factoring in water baths that you have to use to maintain temperatures.

  17. How do you know that this lady has had the opportunity to spend the money and the time to clean up the coastline, or fight for womens rights, or help the homeless?

  18. Total time, 23 seconds. Add another minute for editing and uploading. And perhaps another few minutes for retakes. So 5 minutes extra in total, when going grocery shopping.

  19. It has helped me rather than increased my interest.

  20. I don't use it for dust, I use it for the damn water spots I have left after drying XD

  21. Never had any luck with ICE. The spot removal algorithm is so poor in the scanning utilities I've used that you can clearly see areas where it has filled in.

  22. what scanner / software ? works great for me... even scanned some 25 year old slides that were very worn out and it did a pretty decent job

  23. I've tried vuescan and silverfast with my Epson V800. Especially at places where there are lines, like at the edge of a house, it looks really bad. But also is more uniform areas I get blotches that doesn't look good at all.

  24. You need to buy yourself a logic analyzer. The cheap ones cost next to nothing and let's you see and record the signals.

  25. I understand what exactly actions your code does. I can see it takes the lowest bit of…something. The question is, why. I don’t understand the purpose of that bit shifting and then masking. And you didn’t explain that well, you just said the same code lines with human words without normal explanation of what it actually does in program logic. It’s not a good explanation.

  26. He's trying to clock out a number to a shift register, a 74hc595.

  27. That's interesting, I'm French and in France, 99.99% of people drink only espresso when going outside and yet most espressos in France are really bad or just average at best. The first time I had a Nespresso coffee in France, I thought it was such an upgrade compared to the average espresso you get in cafés, and having an espresso machine at home was considered a luxury.

  28. At least they actually know how to make espresso in southern Europe even if it isn't always good. A lot of restaurants in the US have a decent espresso setup but don't know how to use it. Many times I've ordered espresso and gotten a cappuccino cup filled with very watered down "coffee".

  29. They might be overpriced. But sometimes it's better to pay an overprice once for an item you know is good, rather than paying a lesser price three times for bad items until you find one that is good. In the end you end up saving money going for what you know is good.

  30. Dozens of other products out there for 30-60% less than what Yeti sells their shit for that does just as well. If anything maybe you lose a bit of ice a half a day quicker than the Yeti.

  31. Do you have an example of a comparable product that you know will hold the temperature for as long at a cheaper price?

  32. Is it impossible to replace the stm32 with a nrf52?

  33. Yeah it is possible I didn't know such chip exists, thanks Alot!

  34. Cool! Make sure you look into the PPI. Basically you can connect peripherals together so that they perform tasks without the ARM core having to run. A simplistic example would be to send a radio package every time a GPIO is triggered.

  35. So are you saying that the companies that produce and sell all the rock climbing protection that is used in lieu of bolts and fixed protection are pushing for the wide acceptance of installation of devices that allow customers to stop buying their products?

  36. It's the government man. Don't you see?

  37. Thanks for the heads up. I had the FN2 button near the grip set to this, maybe I just need to set it to a different spot.

  38. The AE/AF lock button is in the perfect spot for this unless you use it for something else.

  39. Iirc, a scheme I've seen before is to divide the flash into a few partitions. An initial small bootloader, a page or two for state data, and two large equally sized partitions for position independent application code. You can erase one and upload new code during flashing, validate it, and switch, without affecting the ability to run the existing working code (so at any point you can fall back to known good code).

  40. Position independant executables seem pretty tricky for ARM thumb targets. I've read a bit about it but have decided not to go there since it seems like a bit of a minefield.

  41. Another perhaps slightly less elegant, but probably more robust solution, is to have a bootloader with update capabilities. The bootloader waits a little while for some update command. If it doesn't get it it tries to continue to the main application or stays in update mode indefinitely if there is no main application.

  42. Massively incorrect recording of steps and the subsequent software update to fix this issue.

  43. Alright. I don't pay to much attention to steps, and I don't exactly know how many is correct. But looking at my history, I think it's fairly much in line with what other devices have reported historically.

  44. Average work day I do 5000-6000 steps but instead its recorded 20,000+ steps, that sort of thing.

  45. That's weird. I average around 5000-6000 a regular day too if I don't do anything other than working and I've never had it do that. Almost sounds like the sensor is faulty or was improperly calibrated or something. I work at a desk with computer and the only times it goes above 20000 is when I really do move around a lot. Like walking for hours.

  46. Oh no! When did this get released? I've been waiting for a pancake but this summer I bought the 28mm. This completely flew under my radar.

  47. They built that in because they knew people would use the back as a starting point to make a pinhole or custom manual camera.

  48. Kodak put the prices for 250D and 500T up 10% so Cinestill putting up their prices by 10% isn't shocking.

  49. Incidentally, inflation is high.

  50. Humans are ridicolous in real life too.

  51. Could this be configured for use with the nginx subrequest auth plugin? Basically it's a module that has nginx ask a service if a request is authenticated or not, but the proxying is performed by nginx itself:

  52. I should test this, but I think it should be possible. However this proxy now returns a 301 redirect when you are not authenticated. I'm not sure how the nginx auth request module would handle this?

  53. I think anything except 20x or 401, 403 is considered an internal error. So I guess there needs to be a configuration to change the behavior.

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