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  1. "Cheating" depends on whatever both parties have agreed on, some may think having sex with another person is cheating but that isn't the case in poly relationships.

  2. I'd never thought about it like that it's perfect

  3. I want to say its perfect and in a way i completely agree with it. The problem is that still in the current dating market men are supposed to approach, initiate and ask the person out on a date. Personally i'm more about the "going dutch" style (funnily enough i am dutch) aka either split the bill 50/50 or have each pay for their own stuff at the very least for the first date.

  4. I'm young dumb and horny I guess, definitely not worth the stress

  5. Absolutely its worth the stress, 1 "mistake" and it can influence you for the rest of your life or at the very least the next 18 years

  6. My foster cat talks to me. I talk to her. She doesn’t speak English but we get by with lots of mrrrps, insistent stares, and pats. She definitely understands politely asking for something though. If I’m sitting at my computer, she’s stands up on her back legs and gently taps my lap, asking me to move back so she can jump up for a snuggle.

  7. Its not a weird move LOTS of cats do this move where they will rub themselves or in a way petting themselves. Its a great way to know if a cat wants to be pet and especially when they do this with their head its because they like you and want to "mark" you with their scent.

  8. I think a lot of these bosses had been brainwashed by all those “job efficiency experts” into believing that if they do things like pizza parties and Employee of the Month, it’ll give the illusion of a caring boss, and that’ll somehow hypnotize the staff into working harder for less money.

  9. Those things can be a nice bonus and make the staff happy IF they are getting paid well on top of it. If you pay your staff like shit and refuse to give a raise to those deserving and instead do shit like pizza parties it will come across as an insult more than anything

  10. And I imagine it will attract a niche just fine, just like second life. But the idea that we're just all going to be desperate to jump on this bandwagon feels absurd.

  11. At this point it just feels like its the new iteration of crypto/nft where only a small niche audience will adopt causing the original function to not well....function.

  12. Basically, if you treat someone like a criminal, they'll act like a criminal. This is telling students "We don't trust you to behave like a responsible, law-abiding person". What effect do they expect that to have on performance and behavior?

  13. Pretty much, its the same with over controlling helicopter parents. You think teens will stop doing dumb shit if you control their entire life? Nope they'll just get better at hiding stuff

  14. Chiming in as a plus sized women within a sex positive community full of people that adore bigger women, to the point when I interact with the general public and media again I sometimes get whiplash at the fat woman = unattractive perspective since that's become so foreign to me. There's so many people out there OP, more than a lot would want to admit.

  15. Its exactly because many don't like to admid it that you barely ever hear it outside of very sex positive or where they are being fetishised.

  16. I hope the both of you can come over your reservations/insecurities, genuinely! I'm very glad the people I know are open about it, and don't care if they're called chubby chasers. That kind of confidence and security about who you are is extremely attractive but I understand it's not that easy for everyone. If you have a streak of dating heavier people it's not gonna go unnoticed, might as well embrace it. To hell with what others think :)

  17. I agree confidence and being yourself can be really attractive but as i said nothing productive will come off it and i'm more introverted so i like to not call too much attention to myself. I've been bullied enough in my childhood and ridiculed for my hobbies/interests to know its not worth it to share it with certain people. And i have shared my preference with a few people but those i knew were very open minded and any time a girl would ask for my opinion on them and it was weight related i always was honest and told them that a few extra curves won't hurt you or when i offer them food and decline because they said they would get too fat again i'm honest and told them that they would carry it well, in a different language though so my words here might come out as a bit clumsy.

  18. I fucking knew i'd see a jojo meme in here the second i saw the video 07

  19. It's well trodden ground, but I can't overstate how massively they fucked this up.

  20. The main issue for me and i assume a lot of other people is that you needed to pay for a sub AND buy the games for full price, either make the games really cheap or make it a netflix for games type of deal or at the very least allow people to download and play the games locally or have it linked with steam or something.

  21. Agreed. I remember having this same argument years ago on the stadia subreddit. Die hard fans argue that it's no different than xbox/ps4. But I'm like... but is it?

  22. Ehhh kind of but at the same time its not? The big difference is that microsoft, sony and nintendo have proven to be much more stable and long lasting.

  23. I can believe it. If you told me Russian recruits are being sent to the front lines without guns, I wouldn’t be surprised

  24. there have been pictures going around showing what weapons the recruits were bringing with them, they were ww2 era guns which were literally rotting away due to poor storage.

  25. I really wonder how disciplined we in America would be if we were asked to voluntarily cut our use of energy or other natural resources (ex. water) in order to conserve. I think some of us would jump right on board but I fear the majority of us are such creatures of our habits and would have a really tough time doing the needed.

  26. the thing is we aren't being "asked" and people don't really have a choice due to the price increase. If anything the question is "do you want a nice heated house or be able to afford paying the bills this month and not lose the house you've just heated up?"

  27. Holy shit thanks for having me cough my lungs out for laughing too much

  28. Yes dry is good its how i do it myself most of the time but when receiving a little lube or oil would hurt BUT fortheloveofbabyfuckingjesus DO NOT touch the head of the penis when it is dry because that is really sensitive and can easily hurt when touched dry. It would be like rubbing a clit when completely dry except the clit is way bigger

  29. Though he is fictional a good man/father figure that instantly comes to my mind is uncle iroh from avatar

  30. Hahaha! Everything is definitely bouncing 😅 I do enjoy cowgirl a lot, I suppose I just get a bit disheartened with it sometimes.

  31. A pleasure, if you have any other questions feel free to ask

  32. Yeah this shit can hit HARD. I've been in a similar situation where i screwed up school and not doing enough which lead to me falling behind more which let me to procrastinate more so i fell more behind and that pressure kept on building and building to the point i started skipping school more and more which made everything worse to the point where i did go to school i started throwing up when walking to school. I had constant nightmares about school or suddenly break out in a cold sweat when trying to sleep.

  33. Every time i even think about buying a console the online cost pops into my head and becomes and instant dealbreaker. I get lured in by certain exclusive killer apps like bloodborne, the demon souls remaster, the new zelda or recently mh rise but its already hard to justify to cost when you have a decent pc and then the online cost comes in and its an instant no for me.

  34. If you look into it, you can stack years and years for like 30usd/year from certain online retailers. Both psplus and xbox gold can be found this way, but xbox is worse as it's harder to find deals on yearly subs if it's even possible, I'm not sure.

  35. Well i don't live in the US so no idea if i can take those deals in my continent, and even then if i can get a year long cheap deal thats awesome but especially over the course of a hole year i won't be playing my console let alone online console games so it feels like i'd be wasting part of that money. Especially now that everything is getting more expensive and i already have another game related subscription.

  36. Well,guess what, her not getting her sexual needs met(sex is not a need, even in relationships, you wont die without sex), is telling me that she is objectifying him. So no, it's not understandable.

  37. While i agree with the main statement that "she isn't entitled to sex" but its not that simple or easy.

  38. I think the worst part is constantly trying to justify to yourself about where you are in life vs. where you think you should be. I'm in my 30s and I constantly feel like a failure because I was always sold this narrative growing up about how by this time I would be living in a home with a family if I worked hard.

  39. 27 almost 28 i work in a restaurant kitchen working full time, i don't work crazy hours but its hard fucking word and i have missed a fuckton of parties, birthdays and other gatherings and work extra on pretty much any national holiday, the pay isn't THAT bad but....

  40. I'm cool with being a cog in the machine, you know go to school get a degree, get a relationship, work hard and get a promotion and buy a house while either you or your partner can take of the household and the family and be a good little citizen of society.

  41. We're all connected through the internet, but seeing a person through video chat and hugging them in person is a world of a difference. :(

  42. Over the past 15 years i've made so many "friends" plenty of them lasting multiple years only to then having the friendship break down within days, i try to maintain and keep them up but almost always it ends up with me messaging the person with a simple hey or a funny meme or video i want to share and then be waiting days for a short reply or even if the person talks back i quickly realise that the only time we talk is when i initiate the conversation so eventually the relationship just dies out. Or in some cases finding out later that a person has been talking shit about me behind my back

  43. I understand some douches are out there, but I'm referring to normal everyday people. I've heard Dutch are direct, so I was wondering if they will be constantly be telling me about my height. I'm a little insecure about it, but I don't mind. I just want to know what to expect.

  44. I highly doubt that will happen. Also even though its below the average i'd say generally speaking 172cm isn't considered short and there are a LOT of men your height. If people are going to make childish jokes about height you'd need to be like below 160 at least or be in a situation where you somehow end up in a room full of 2m giants and even then the jokes won't be mean spirited

  45. Not really though, 172cm is around the 5th percentile for men in the NL; that's short by any metric imo

  46. Yes as i said in my comment technically 172 is below avarage but my point whas that in my experience that isn't considered short to the point where people would feel justified in making childish jokes about it.

  47. I see these types of questions so often for both genders. In order to be able to give a proper answer you really need to give more specifics. Have you ever had any talks about certain fantasies or kinks, are you aware of his interests that you both might not have not acted upon? Does he maybe watch a certain kind of porn or literally ANY info.

  48. I agree with you all. I'm a woman and I find it to be a rude gift.

  49. I mean it can go well but holy shit do you need to be in a strong and secure relationship with tons of communication to pull that off and not be a net negative.

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