1. It’s like Donkey Kong. You go off one edge and you pop out at the other.

  2. There will be NO sexual activity until I get to see a tnt block on your ass!


  4. "Damn, here I was minding my own business, just enjoying my Second Amendment rights and you people have to freak out on me."

  5. But I need Crisbee to make me 70 donuts so I can sell them for a profit just outside :(

  6. I'd start by trying different proton version in game options. I was able to fix many issues like that.

  7. Finally, an actual answer!!! I've uninstalled it already however, but I think this was the problem.

  8. I don't care! The Dilbert TV show is still amazing!!!

  9. It's so funny that every character Stephen Ogg acts as is just Trevor, every single time.

  10. "Well well! Look at the PC user pulling up in his fancy self-built computer!"

  11. I could only read the title and I was very disappointed when the post wasn't related to the smiling friends

  12. Why do people hate the libertarian party? I'm genuinely curious. I'm not trying to be salty because my party is being made fun of. I honest to God just want to know. Is it the extremest who support unregulated child labor and the removal of vehicle safety laws? Because I'll agree with you on that, those people are looney!

  13. they think the solution to everything is capitalism and complete free market (which inevitably means child slavery, company town, indentured servitude, no safety standards, private military, extraction of natural resources at accelerating rate, etc because insatiable)

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