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  1. I've been told size doesn't matter, but honestly I wish I had an extra two inches sometimes. Medium pizzas rarely have as much left over.

  2. "Although my heart may be weak, it’s not alone. It’s grown with each new experience, and it’s found a home with all the friends I’ve made. I’ve become a part of their heart just as they’ve become a part of mine." The fact that this line ends with the whole "my friends are my power" cliche is not nearly enough to make me feel any less about this line. I've struggled with depression for most of my life and there have been times where my friends have been the only thing in my life to make it feel worth living, so hearing this as a kid and still not understanding these feelings I had yet really resonated with me. I really do feel sometimes like my heart is at home with the people I love and sometimes I really feel like my friends give me strength.

  3. Huh, I wonder what colored cryptonite turns Superman into equniophill ?

  4. You're assuming that superman isn't one already and we have no way to know for sure

  5. I'd say including reshuffle into your guide is a good idea, it's important for long battles and such

  6. Sad to say that one year can make a substantial difference in many modern games. We're starting to see games that are completely fleshed out and grown from when they first come out.

  7. What's sad is that games are released in a state where it takes a year at least to be complete. I don't care if it makes me sound jaded and old to say this, but video games these days pale in comparison to things released 10+ years ago and that's absolutely pathetic.

  8. Ohhhhhhh noooo, the pain. How am I ever going to be able to cope with that burn?

  9. Honestly, the most unrealistic part of the Disney+ show was the idea that guys wouldn't be into regular ol' Jen without the Hulk thing. Like, sure, She-Hulk is a definite perk, but non-Hulk Jen is adorkable.

  10. No! Green lady step on me, non green lady not worth time because no step on me and no big green muscles! Hulk hate non green lady!

  11. I didn't think this would be necessary, but I was obviously joking, yeah?

  12. If your perfect life includes not showering, then I'm just glad you keep the windows open

  13. How long does the timeblade loop last for? Every time I see your comics on instagram, there seems to be like a 1 in 6 chance the timeblade one is in the post, and I'm very invested in the storyline. I personally hope he never breaks the loop.

  14. It's sad how many people use plastic bags for pocket sized items. Like why would you need a baggie for a .5 kg rice cartoon, it's already in package

  15. I'll use bags for every group of items I get or milk and bread, stuff like that, but I reuse bags all the time. You never know when you'll need a lunch on the fly, a quick cover for a gift, a container to hold wet swimsuits on a long car ride, and so many other things.

  16. Dinosaurus would kill millions in the process, but he'd probably save the planet. Humans maybe not though.

  17. Thanos was a half measure. No mire half meadures, waltuh

  18. The very same! However it was a PLANET not an island in the book. Think bigger!

  19. I definitely agree that jackson and epstein and all of the celebrities invited on the island are possibly just a drop in the bucket of fucked up and revolting things that rich powerful people are doing in the world and personally, the fact that we have heard about epstein's island and the like tells me that the things we don't hear about must be about a billion times worse.

  20. It's gotta be something that completely distinguishes it from other things, a name you couldn't possibly confuse with something else. My suggestion is we call it human meat, because we as humans had to make it.

  21. Now I'm no lawyer, but I don't think he was revving his engine, nor do I think "being a jerk" is a criminal offense.

  22. Must be a show of my age that three names on that list were recognizeable and one of them is fucking sonic the hedgehog. Other two were snoop dogg and ice cube obviously

  23. I liked the Chase half of it, Cameron was always boring

  24. i think they wanted to limit the amount of ultimates that appeared so that they won't have to design all aliens, which is fair. but most of the design themselves are underwhelming compared to the good ones like ultimate echo echo and ultimate spidermonkey.

  25. Canonbolt is my favorite alien, has been since I was a kid. When I saw ultimate canonbolt I thought it was fake, it just looks so boring and bland.

  26. That (a.) the recast wasn't because of book purists (the man had other acting commitments) and (b.) the recast is also nothing like the book description.

  27. Not to mention that if book purists had their way, the last few seasons of the show would be vastly different, as George would likely have been much more involved

  28. Cabal, you'll sacrifice like 26 crit rating and 5 accuracy for like double the hp, extra power pip rating, shadow pip rating and plenty more damage. The stats you lose are negligible and the ones you gain are undeniably more important

  29. I use decisive pumpkin, but my first playthrough I debated on using fenrir mainly because I hate the mechanic where you need to use a finisher to kill bosses and at the time I didn't know magic counted

  30. The episode where the patient is just a set of lungs in a box. I don't remember much about it, I just think the concept is kinda dumb

  31. I mean, don't make assumptions then? I'm not defending OP's arrogance but the people who grew up with Alien Force, the second oldest show, would still not be 18 or would have just hit it. People who grew up with UA or Omniverse would still be kids, and let's not even mention the reboot.

  32. I'm 24 and I grew up with alien force. It aired in 2008, fourteen years ago so I'm not really sure why the base assumption for anyone would be that the fanbase has mostly minors?

  33. You need life school pips to cast it (and pigsie) which normally unlocks at level 50

  34. Oh, that's not all that bad, I figured I wouldn't be able to use it anymore, but I'm level 100, so I should be able to I think.

  35. Honestly, it's not explicitly a level 50 requirement. You can get them as early as level 15 with some archmastery jewels.

  36. Gotcha, I'll have to do some research on the system as a whole I'm sure, but thank you for the help!

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