1. GameStop Annual General Meeting to be held on 15th June.

  2. GameStop Annual General Meeting to be held on 15th June and docket 661 looks like bondholders who are the largest unsecured creditors would like to explore a takeover strategy via bond debt to equity conversion that bestows them, along with existing substantial shareholders, majority stake in the company.

  3. You’re not crazy! You’ve been led to the promise land for a reason. We are almost there and you must prepare yourself for tougher times the closer we get. For those of us who’ve been at this since August or later are exhausted and admittedly rely on people entering the race to carry the baton. Nevertheless, we are still here! 🍻

  4. Just so everyone is aware this is a meme and nothing about this post is factual

  5. https://www.liveaction.org/news/bombshell-planned-parenthood-admits-oath-aborted-parts/

  6. Honestly, they are a fucked up! Protect Children and Animals at all cost!

  7. I just woke up and y’all hitting the tinfoil already! I like it 👍

  8. I’m gonna sign up to IMDB and leave a review during my lunch. Are you able to write comments or is just a 1-10 score?

  9. I left a score. I didn’t see any ability to leave comments. Update this post if you are allowed to.

  10. Also, do you feel CNBC is trying to diminish retail investors intuition, due diligence, and investment choices?

  11. He accidentally used the wrong account 🤣

  12. The goal is to steer retail to ETF’s so they can use that capital against “mEmE sToCks”

  13. They want the 99% to take their 6% gains and retire at 72 so they can use our money as liquidity in their bad bets to line their pockets.

  14. You can feel, smell, & taste their hate Ryan Cohen! This is going to be good 👍

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