1. I'm always pretty convinced that accounts like OP are bot accounts meant to occasionally post meaningless "moments" from games that are neither rare, nor necessarily accurate, specifically to keep game (or sometimes TV/Movie) subs active.

  2. No I am actually a real person and demon’s souls was my first fromsoft game. So this moment was meaningful to me, my first time being bamboozled by a rolling rock 😂

  3. I can relate to this, I have like 700+ hours on Demon’s Souls and keep coming back to it!

  4. Damn, congrats on getting this shot lol, did you get it first time?

  5. I prefer the washed out look, especially with DS3. It creates a very dark and melancholic vibe/atmosphere and I'm a straight sucker for depressing shit.

  6. For Sekiro I dial the saturation setting almost all the way up, it looks so much better

  7. There the ring of avarice, the spell soul thirst and a bracelet for women - all of them boost the souls gained

  8. Is it possible to change gender in this game? I also heard having pure black world tendency gives more souls

  9. Returnal anyone? No takers? Well I think it looks better than ds but my tv won’t do hdr properly so maybe that’s the difference.

  10. Returnal is really good looking, it’s only 1080p though. Demon’s Souls has amazing detail and texture

  11. Yea it’s crazy how pretty this game is. If they did a bloodborne like this I’d probably cry a little

  12. iMovie and Clips are both free apps from apple. iMovie for Mac and Clips for iPhone

  13. The one that farmed karma. Worst boss ever

  14. What is karma and what does it even do anything? I just like sharing my photo mode shots and chatting about my favorite games 🤷‍♂️

  15. Well the first tutorial boss you can fight in DS2 is Aava the King‘s pet. So I’ll choose DS2 for this one

  16. Those rat pig babies in Majula really got me, my weapons could never reach so low, and also the massive hole

  17. I don’t think you can drop rings, I can drop the sword for you! Dm me a password an area so I can drop my sign 😄

  18. Mindflayers before Old Monk on that dreadful staircase

  19. Theirs a rumor that they might do that considering how successful he demon souls remake was. I’d love a dark souls remake too though tbh lol. But fuuuck bloodborne is such a good game! I suck at it but at least i beat it once fairly at least. Haha

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