1. It was more to do with the sexual allegations and he was selling shares of proper12 around this time if I’m not wrong. Man was on pr mode

  2. Anyone know what happened with allegation ? Did he prove innocence or it was just swept under the rug like most abuse case?

  3. The civil case is still ongoing, the wheels of justice turn extra slowly when one side has tens of millions to throw at it

  4. Whenever i Google i can only see articles mentioning that the second case has been closed , i can't find any papers saying anything about a civil lawsuit, why is no one covering this ?

  5. Never seen one, what woul they do, run at you ?

  6. I thought our indian brothers were safe from the eboyisation of tick tock, but apparently not

  7. Why does this sub hate natural remedies and ayurvdic skincare but love Korean ?

  8. Holy fuck, what is the rose gold part even made of ?

  9. I've tried a few cheaper ones from sporting goods stores and never found them comfortable enough. I got a Diamond cup with both the jock and the compression shorts. I don't love the shorts but the jock is pretty comfortable and the cup is too. I've been nailed a decent number of times since I started using it for sparring too and so far haven't had any discomfort or pain from low-blows. Definitely the one I can recommend from experience.

  10. I never understood how ball shots work, like how some guys get lightly teeped and go down, some dudes shake it off after a second...

  11. Get ready to have piss and shit everywhere in the house....

  12. Hits harder when you actually have the deflated buttocks of an old ass man and you are teenage girl

  13. Probably often in Mexico, especially if it's Tijuana

  14. Is this common at clubs in Mexico, or do you have different clubs for this shit ? Is this even legal ?

  15. It's true, pinterest was and is the bread and butter of artists (in search of refrences)

  16. If Pinterest changed I would actually die. I've like a decade worth of reference there

  17. Not really, a×b ÷c isn't the same as a÷b x c

  18. It's the Urdu word for india, Mostly muslim conquerors and Mongols (Mughals) introduced the term....

  19. Pls tell me how you achieve this kinda speed...it's beautiful

  20. Vit c and actual medicine as much as you can

  21. Its that sub, what will you expect? I wish both of the india subs just war with each other and get banned

  22. self admitted rapist? care to explain?

  23. Oh a woman filed a rape case against him, then he admitted he did rape her to his lawyer, then bought out the judge and hushed the woman with money

  24. I genuinely believe that you cannot control what gets you off, even a lot of women have rape ki*ks (usually due to sexual trauma)

  25. Steve's way hotter than the blonde guy. Blonde guy just looks like he has money.

  26. Really ? I think Steve just is more rugged handsome

  27. Damn i love Gosling, which movie is that from ?

  28. Female on female rape isn't legal either, though both are treated as SA

  29. I have this sometimes in the week before my period mostly, hormones are bitches. Sometimes it's fine and I have no issues and sometimes I feel like a slug, so tired, slow, heavy, frustrated and hard to motivate myself. How long has it been like this? Any changes in diet, hormonal birth control or something? Maybe it's a combination of hormones and being overworked. Perhaps take some rest for a couple of days, eat well, sleep well and hopefully it will be better soon.

  30. Yeah i get pretty heavy PM's, but i am like 15 days away from periods, no fucking idea what just happened....

  31. My only clue and concern based on what you wrote is did you eat enough?

  32. Yeah , i am trying but the weight just isn't coming back on ...

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