How to keep the seat next to you empty.

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  1. You never worked retail did you? You know it’s already a pain to work saturdays when everyone has a day off, i can’t even think of working sundays. I escaped the retail life and have never being happier for having a weekend. So No don’t make this normal. I prefer rushing to the shop after my work than having to do it on sundays just as a respect thing for retail workers

  2. I did and I would not mind, it would make sense to have it open every day of the week. More people could be employed and less could be living on the back of those that are actually working hard.

  3. There is a 37 to 42 hour contractually max a week, so it would not spread over the existing people. Otherwise they will have to give people overtime and there is a max to that legally.

  4. You will have to hold a plug out of the bottom of the connector, it's hard to see unless you're looking, and swap the connectors around so that the black and red are on the opposite sides, because the adapter comes with them switched and flips. Other than that it's plug and play

  5. Thanks for the quick response! Any video on how to do it properly, not a big handyman here.

  6. I could take one, although it would be a little bit different because to make it easier I just cut into mine

  7. Hmm ok. I wish it was easy to do 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Ordered one and it’s stuck at customs :(

  9. Hell NAWW. Avoid ZHANGDAREN. That's a piece of shit rude ass seller with the worst rep....

  10. Somewhat making a hiss at people that stop in the middle of the sidewalk to talk/look/take pictures 😂

  11. Did anyone have a fix for the fuming badge this year?

  12. Nowadays just a regular cough does the trick

  13. Thanks for the info already!

  14. What about the stain on the dial right around the 2?

  15. Up very high on the list of what to bring is comfortable shoes.

  16. what do you mean with talks sell out quick? does that mean that talks have a separate price or do you just mean the capacity of the room is quickly ran out?

  17. Coolapa ledstrip from Amazon

  18. Is absolute shit; don’t even spend your money on it. Can’t even buy things that are currently in stock on supreme

  19. If this is PwC then it is completely out of line with the values, and that partner will not last long. I am surprised at the issues and the lack of professionalism. I haven’t seen or heard anything that is like this. My experience is everyone is super professional.

  20. If PwC.. any firm for that matter

  21. Nobody got the remainder of that video?

  22. What’s the infill you used?

  23. You wouldn’t steal a car

  24. More pics from the Travis lows?

  25. wonder why I have not received the holiday update yet :(

  26. Return them, I had the same issue and they were replaced for free

  27. In Belgium I would have been 50 euros and you would get half of that money even back from the government.

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