1. Thanks for your efforts, OP. I think it’d be preferable to share the project file containing the Transform keyframes (position, scale, orientation, etc) of the green rectangle, because as of now, if we wanna use this video file template, we’re gonna have to track the phone screen anyway, which nullifies the existence of the green rectangle (we might as well use the original video) as the green won’t be needed once we lay something on top of the phone screen with our own Transform keyframes in a compositing software.

  2. FYI: I just want to say that while any user who violates rule #1 ("Respect others") will have their post/comment removed, an user who violates rule #1 while admitting that they're solely on this subreddit to engage with other users in an abrasive and/or provocative way will get an instant perma-ban. This decision was taken around Trump era and I personally believe that the

  3. The user was already labeled as "Problematic" a few days ago. Based on the recent developments, we have decided to issue a permanent ban. Thanks and keep on issuing reports, because we act on them before anything else.

  4. The problem is the mods basically don’t care about ye anymore. This subreddit is a lost cause. Find a new ye subreddit.

  5. My only goal is to try and report on things that the community engages with, whether it’s a new song or an article about Ye’s controversies. I do not favor either. I am constantly checking the "temperature" of this sub to get a sense of how the community feels about X or Y and I adjust accordingly.

  6. You want me to DM you "go to Telegram and look for ye24official"?

  7. FYI: Reddit automatically removes direct links to Telegram due to spam concerns.

  8. FYI: We have no affiliation with this Youtube channel. I just picked the video with the best audio I could find.

  9. Not gonna lie. You had me excited in the first phrase.

  10. For sure. I haven’t made any public announcement on the matter (yet), but I’ve been removing Taylor-related posts for the past day or so.

  11. Thanks and keep it up! We appreciate it.

  12. Eerr…. that’s a pretty creative conspiracy, but no.

  13. I'd like to see the sub remain focused on holocaust education content, especially given how many fans seem to need it...

  14. For the time being, we're gonna let the community decide on how long it wants to bring awareness to the Holocaust (something we, the mods, support). Who knows, maybe next week we’ll be focusing on non-flat Earth content if Ye comes out as a flat Earther (being half-facetious here). Either way, we don't wanna interject too much on the current and upcoming focus of the sub. Let's play it day by day.

  15. I've made light of this subject in my previous post... but in all seriousness... has the mod team considered whether or not there is a line Ye could cross that would lead to the consideration of deleting the sub- whether this is it or not?

  16. I can only speak for myself on this, but we'll make this a music-exclusive sub long before we consider doing anything this drastic. I'm not saying making

  17. I just changed the Automoderator's config rules to be more strict in that regard.

  18. OP is an outright racist and I promise you they are not a Kayne fan and are only paying attention and "supporting" Kanye now because of Kanye's support of Trump, his anti-semitism, and his "White lives matter" bullshit. After only a couple minutes looking:

  19. Thanks for reporting this. We’ll monitor OP’s engagement closely. This post will remain up for the time being.

  20. FYI: Said mod was Ian from the H3H3 Podcast, who I made a honorary mod (i.e. no moderating privilege) in 2018 for shits and giggles. It seems like Insider approached him because of comments he recently made on the well-known podcast. Today, Ian explained his "bloodbath" comment

  21. Our lawyers are currently drafting a lawsuit.

  22. Hey OP. Would you mind if he used your wallpaper to redesign the new subreddit theme? I think it would add a lot of flair and visual interest to the overall aesthetic of the sub. The fact that it was also made by an user of this very subreddit also makes it - dare I say - that much more special.

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