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  1. tbh this was something stupid i made and decided to post it

  2. bruh, it just got taken down lmao

  3. It'd be a infinite battle as both respawn once they die.

  4. how the hell do you have all epics and rares but you don't have both werdos

  5. in my opinion the wolf heart trinket, nobody's gonna drink that much alcohol.

  6. holy shit i wasn't expecting the srceam i fucking jumped

  7. Okay, so I'm not a Loona fanboy, but dude, she's a lot more than she appears on the surface. Sure, on the surface, she's just an angry teenager who hates everyone around her, but that's not true. It's a shield she wears after being in an orphanage (in HELL of all places). Orphans who are adopted as teenagers typically are angry on the surface. They're not used to having parents, and it makes them defensive, and often aggressive.

  8. first he ate an egg with shell and then the raw eggs

  9. Why seems he s drinking mercury 👨🏻

  10. This part always bothered me a little, because I felt like the train wouldn't have had enough time to stop on such a sharp corner.

  11. i still dont understand that, how the fuck does a steam train have enough time to stop that fast, in real life arthur would've got exploded

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