1. YOU HEATHEN! Coleslaw is in my opinion one of the worst things ever created, let alone put on a sandwich.

  2. You have to drain the coleslaw first so it’s not a sloppy mess. Well seasoned, crunchy, long strand cabbage coleslaw is wonderful. The coleslaw from KFC is an abomination.

  3. Spiral inward. Like a record baby, right round, round, round.

  4. Pages must of got stuck together in the cook book again

  5. What are you doing to get pages stuck together in a cook book?!

  6. And I thought I was funny. Now I’m imagining Julia on a bear skin rug. Dammit!

  7. I learned to drive ina Miata. Best car ever built! More fun than anything. Zoom-zoom broheim!

  8. Exactly would me my comment, but you got here first. That is a good looking man.

  9. Politics and consumer appeal. People care about carbon, but most don’t think about water at all.

  10. Do you have a dog? What do you enjoy doing with your free time? How does your hair look after an afternoon drive in a convertible?

  11. The placebo effect is still not incredibly clearly understood from a biological standpoint. Yet it is used as a metric for the effectiveness of medications and certain medical procedures

  12. Even more bizarre to me is you can tell someone that they are getting a placebo and it still has the hopes for effect a statically significant amount of the time.

  13. For me, so much clothing is off limits for men or deemed “too feminine” and people will immediately judge you for it. I also would like to cover my acne with makeup, and even that isn’t allowed.

  14. I find that a little powder can do wonders for lessening the redness without looking like ‘makeup’. It’s the minimal amount that goes on just about everyone before appearing on tv.

  15. That is definitely not female. Men gossip worse than women!

  16. I think everyone gossips, seems to me though that the mean spirited kind is more effeminate.

  17. That's definitely not true and extremely misogynistic.

  18. The kind of mean spirited behind your back gossiping is the toxic femininity answer to toxic masculine bullying. Both types of actions can be done by anyone, it’s never positive. Both have a strong element of gender coding in North American culture.

  19. I had rosacea due to irritation from wearing a mask throughout the pandemic on a daily basis. I tried the meds from my dermatologist, but the daytime/night time OTC stuff from Neutrogena worked for me. It was the most expensive OTC option, cost more than the copay for prescriptions, but I was at my breaking point. Sounds silly but I was getting really depressed due to it. The neutrogena stuff, plus a vitamin c tablet and extra water worked. I hope things turn around for you.

  20. Buy the biggest bookshelf for the space. I guarantee you’ll fill it quicker than you expect.

  21. This is the kind of crazy that I approve of in a neighborhood. Makes me think there are epic bbqs in the summer.

  22. This was my first thought. I’m in California, the new additives that they use to make it burn cleaner screwed up the smell. When I’m in the Midwest I can get that smell of my childhood.

  23. reason number 626 I want my beard to grow out :( but am stuck with man baby beard. :(.

  24. For this style of doorknob, if you start with no patina and let it age a little (or in our case many years, but indoors) you'll end up with something like this!

  25. This is the comment I was hoping for! Natural polish from use and skin oils is the best in my book. I’d polish them all up just once on moving in. No lacquer and then them age naturally.

  26. It kind of looks like particle board. It won't have a good smell

  27. Worth the try. Sandpaper on a corner is very cheap. OSB cedar is worth it!

  28. Even if we can’t smell it the most of it, the moths will stay away. It still works.

  29. Like I said, above, add a ladder and you can get away with anything!

  30. I’d imagine that would technically be illegal, but if it’s done anonymously then it becomes a mysterious art installation

  31. I’ll bring a clipboard and a buddy to help carry a ladder. You can get away with anything if you have a buddy helping carry a ladder. It’s us human guys best attempt of fae ‘glamour’

  32. Fancier homes had those tubes like at banks. Stick a baby in, press the button, and "thwomp" send the baby.

  33. I want to meet you, you’ve got the best/worst thinking. You’d be awesome at parties! Very Addams family

  34. Terrible way to potentially lose a sister, but at least your parents and grandparents really could have lessened their future carbon footprint.

  35. I love how positive we are on this group! Same time a bit of a trim to get rid of the straggly bits and even things up is often in order. When I get my beard trimmed by my barber, I always feel sharp and think better of myself. It’s like getting a new jacket, doesn’t change me inside of it, but helps me stand taller and think better of myself.

  36. There is the product called Wrecking Balm that is a cream that stimulates the deep skin layers to grow, pushing the ink out. This is combined with home applied microdermabrasion. It works but is slow. Better on colors than straight black work. Think applying 3x a week four a couple months. Good luck!

  37. Was at Aldi today, but didn’t see them! Maybe later this week they’ll stock it

  38. They probably ran out at that location, usually a price drop at Aldi means they aren’t going to get it back in stock for awhile.

  39. I love the Solo cup! Too early to wire in my opinion.

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