1. Maybe I'm lucky, but I've explored twice as many kinks with APs than I ever had with SO and other women I was dating before her.

  2. Addressing the bit about you "taking advantage" of your AP....having aspergers or being on the spectrum simply means an individual may have issues communicating and socializing in a neurotypical way.

  3. I'm quickly learning that Tinder is an awful place to try and find a AP. Two types of things I always run into on tinder. The ENM crowd (Ethical Non monogamy aka open marriage) shun me like the plague because evidently one of the ten commandments in ENM land is "thou shalt only date married men in open marriages where wife approves."

  4. I have one of those to watch and talk to my dogs when I'm away.

  5. Both of you need the app for your AP account to control it. You get a username and your AP finds it on their app and then you can relinquish control.

  6. It's funny, I feel like most of my APs are married to men in the careers that are popping up in this thread.

  7. He ghosted because he was too much of a coward to tell you that the relationship ran its course.

  8. Dude. You have several posts and thousands of Comment karma. Your profile is definitely not empty.

  9. Everything about your post suggests that you don't want to be in this relationship.

  10. From your answers, you should contact th ExAP, let him know you'll be at the wedding and let him decide how to proceed.

  11. A very wise, sexist, politically incorrect uncle of mine once told me “a cunt hair can pull a freight train.”

  12. This made me spit/laugh out coffee all over my keyboard. Well done.

  13. Reddit skews heavily white and even the POC women on reddit tend to prefer white men. It is what it is. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  14. Two of my past APs were DADT. I often wonder if they were just lying and straight up cheating like me, but whatever 🤔

  15. i really do love him though. how can i have my cake and eat it too

  16. Intelligent. Black. Entrepreneurial OR professional climbing the corporate ladder. Dominant/intense/"in charge" socially, but sexually wants to be submissive.

  17. This is definitely a lot more about him than you.

  18. Is this a swinger/swapping thing or like a nice dinner thing? 👀

  19. Without even going into why this is bad OPSEC for him, What's the point of you going to a party where you can't interact with him for fear of his SO, family or friends noticing? It's also your birthday, what would you tell your SO when you're gone for the night ?

  20. Looked through your post history and I'm probably you without the dreads, lol, so I decided to throw you some pointers.

  21. Women tend to get over breakups more quickly because they're more likely to have emotional support systems which lead to positive coping mechanisms.

  22. It's an anthropological study about human sexuality, marriage and monogamy. It proposes some theories about why cheating is so prevalent in modern society. I thought it was a great read and introspective about the idea of open relationships.

  23. It's been 5 months. This dude is wasting your time.

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