1. I thought about it for a split second. I only had 7 days to get a refund on the down payment. I toured the homes but the ones in my range were too small and felt so cheap for what the cost would have ended up being. Also you have an option to float the interest rate but if it goes up before you close you’re screwed.

  2. They have stuff on 24Hundred as other commenters have said, but I do think it's weird they have nothing on their own IA Supply shop. They had stuff for The Sun Sleeps on there so idk what happened with this release. I just wanted a Heavener shirt that wasn't black, but the 24Hundred merch line is all black, unfortunately (also I think it's Gildan, which blows)

  3. Same feelings. I just want a heavener shirt as well, preferably with the sick colors the album artwork has!

  4. Agreed, I'm not a fan of the current stuff they have that is a little overdesigned imo. I think they could've done stuff cool coloured shirts with how bright and visually appealing the cover is. But hopefully they'll toss some new stuff up in the coming weeks or months since all the stuff on 24Hundred is pre-order stuff that's been there for awhile.

  5. The crash seems like it’s taking so long. Just need to speed it up already. It’s inevitable.

  6. I don’t know how anyone still believes that it was caused by a bat. Obviously doesn’t matter anymore, what’s done is done.

  7. I don’t really care who caused it at this point, I just need an affordable home.

  8. gargle with mouthwash containing CPC or with Betadine Sore Throat. Both decrease viral replication.

  9. This guy I used to work with swore by gargling hydrogen peroxide

  10. What am I supposed to be looking at?

  11. There is no reason this band shouldn't be headlining tours consistently. They are too fucking good. Everything they've done since Marcus took over vocals has been nothing short of phenomenal. 10/10, somehow this is better than Greyview and the Sun Sleeps EP, and I fucking love those.

  12. The production between Greyview and heavener is night and day.

  13. bUt rEdDiT wOnT tAlK about It = I'm just a wrong asshole that doesn't realize it

  14. Okay then can you help me realize it by telling me why I’m a wrong asshole? You forgot the key ingredient to a discussion/argument.

  15. The guy made a claim about me, and I simply asked why that is? I guess there are no takers so I’ll leave it alone.

  16. When I had my hoe phase there was no emotional intelligence on my end. That occurs over time when you’re wanting to be with somebody. But when you’re out just trying to get laid it has zero part of the equation.

  17. No but you know if the FDIC ran out of money they would be bailed out by the govt.

  18. It sounds like they want hyper inflation

  19. That’s the exact face I make when my lips touch the liquor for the first time in weeks

  20. That first sip of a cold beer on a hot day after you’ve been doing hard physical work is like no other.

  21. This is going to keep happening. The inventory is so low and there are so many buyers who can't qualify/don't want to pay high rates so that once they dip they take advantage of it.

  22. Hardly anyone uses Facebook anymore and the metaverse is a flop so far.

  23. OP learned a tough lesson. If you date a single mother with a deadbeat dad, you’re most likely expected to take over that duty. It’s a big deal for a mom to introduce her kid to a new guy. If that happens and you’re inserting yourself into a das role then she’s going to like and get used to that. When I was young a single mother and I hooked up a few times and she wanted more and I said can’t do it, you have a kid. She said, “my kid already has a father”. That may be true while you’re dating, but if it gets serious who did she think is going to take over during her custody time?

  24. A salt pool is still sanitized by chlorine. You just must be used to swimming in overly chlorinate pools, which is common. It’s much easier to over chlorinate and avoid issues, than it is to closely monitor chlorine levels so they are just high enough to be safe.

  25. The smell and irritation of chlorine is actually due to not enough free chlorine in the pool. It’s due to excess chloramines which increases when there are bathers in the pool. Of course when you dump a lot of chlorine in the pool it’s going to have that effect as well until it balances out.

  26. Basically in 2020 when the world was ending the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates and pumped a bunch of money into the system to keep things from collapsing. This lead to rampant inflation. The Fed has been raising interest rates now that the pandemic is over in order to get some of this "printed" money out of the system and reduce inflation. Banks and institutions bought bonds and securities when interest rates were low (in some cases they are required to do so). These don't "mature" for years or decades depending on the bond, so their money is essentially trapped unless they sell the bond to someone else who is willing to wait for it to mature (usually at a discount/loss because no one is going to buy a low interest rate bond when interest rates are high).

  27. Here’s what I don’t understand: Fed prints money and pumps it into the system and lowers rates. The system goes on a spend frenzy and causes supply chain issues and inflation. The fed raises rates to get the system to cool down(stop spending). But my question is, when inflation & rates are high, where does the money go? You’re saying take money out of the system, but since most money is not destroyed, then where?

  28. If I drink one cup in the morning I’m fine the rest of the day. I think most people develop a caffeine addiction and feel tired so much that they think drinking more caffeine will wake them up.

  29. Try to locate the drain where it ends. The end might be clogged up which would back the entire thing up. That plus find each drain cover and open it and clean it out. After you’ve done everything run a hose through it.

  30. Lmao how many cheating stories have I read on Reddit where the cheater sends food pics? Wtf is up with that? OP may not know it yet, but he was blessed with this event. Before marriage and kids.

  31. Whoever is in office always blames the last party. This will go on until both parties work together or we get rid of parties and just vote for candidates with ideas we support.

  32. Is this the same guy that said “you will not catch or spread Covid taking these vaccines”?

  33. This. Anyone that is mean or taking advantage of you, just cut them off. No need to waste your time or happiness on somebody who lacks kindness or morals.

  34. You missed my point, damage numbers dont change on the info panel on a half durabity or full durability item. Is there some unseen reduction in damage im not seeing?

  35. That’s strange because when my bow was at half durability my bow damage dropped from 49 to 22 and it showed when I was in a siege. Had to go repair.

  36. Tell her to quit horsing around and post a more clear picture of herself

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