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If the 40 Million shares of Tokenized FTX GME were sold that never existed, Does this mean there are errors in the FINRA Fail to Deliver report of 1:1 GME Tokenized Stock? Do we add 40 Million to remediate the errors in the FINRA Report? Gurbir S. Grewal of the SEC would you like to comment?

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  1. I am thankful for Vlad Tenev, Ken Griffin, Steve Cohen, Gabe Plotkin, Doug Cifu, Jeff Yass, Anthony Chukumba, Jim Cramer, Melissa Lee, and many many more for reaffirming that my investment with GME is the best financial decision I have ever made in my entire life! Thank you so much!!!!

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  9. I would like to know as well, any mods care to chime in?

  10. Thanks my guy! I will check my L2 after I activate it, is the same address used for eth and L2? Or would it be a whole other address if it’s sent to L2? Only ever used my eth address to get NFTs sent to. Appreciate you

  11. Same address, different networks. Anytime, fren. Glad to help

  12. Finally got it activated, now there’s a bunch of them showing in my L2! Take this free award because I don’t have any real ones 😂

  13. My personal strategy WILL NOT benefit from Mr. Lauer's activities one single bit. I couldn't care less about what he is, or isn't doing, or whether its 'for good', or 'for bad'. That's up to him. Good luck to him, if he is doing good, and shame on him, if he isn't.

  14. I'm going to let everyone reading this come to their own conclusions on what you just said.

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  16. Dan Pena is the guys name,not for or against anything he says,just saw a YouTube short where he mentions everybody would walk away today if they really knew who created bitcoin…enjoy the weekend apes

  17. I think everyone would walk away from Dan Pena if they saw this video

  18. Ok so is that why that old crazy fucking guy on YouTube says if you knew who really created bitcoin you would run a mile?and never touch it?

  19. Sounds like a butthurt boomer in the video where he says "90.9.99% of the people that own bitcoiin are fuckin morons, regarded (edited), imbeciles" and to "go fuck yourselves please"

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  25. 0x1b810a6d0d3d4cc3a01d0662b0bd297e4bd79aa5 You are the 🐐 my dude

  26. For the uninitiated , i present to you the scumbag criminal whale tooth himself.

  27. Great video, interesting bit of footage where Steve Cohen is on trial. These people are sleezy asf

  28. LOL the interviewer's face after replying to Ken Griffin

  29. At this point I wouldn’t trust it or be surprised if cb freezes the assets, I only keep things in my lrc or gme wallet and also a cold wallet, Cb also seems to be using the tokenized stocks along with several other crypto exchanges soo safe to say there def at risk of bankruptcy

  30. If you created a wallet using the coinbase wallet app, your wallet is still accessible through importing even if coinbase goes tits up. Protect your seed phrases

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