Alcohol is never good for people under 40, global study finds | Alcohol

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  1. Suing over a $1.50 fee?

  2. During the regular season, making it through the day to watch PAC-XX after dark. During bowl season, structuring your time off to make sure you can watch all of the bowl games.

  3. I think this may be the holy grail. I am glad it is still a 24/7 operation, even after covid. I had the 'pleasure' of spending the early morning hours in the St. Ann's ER and getting discharged with an Rx before a vacation almost 20 years ago. Glad this type of service existed and still does. We probably would have missed the vacation without it.

  4. Anyone else think 3G today is slower than 3G 10 years ago? I can barely get a webpage to open these days when I only have 3G.

  5. It is by design. They are going to allocate most of the limited RF spectrum to the latest technology.

  6. I’ve seen BART cars come through quite a bit. I believe there is a factory in NY state where Bombardier makes them.

  7. We have the dog. Taking to Franklin County Shelter.

  8. Are those zinnias? I really want to plant some at some point.

  9. Yes! I'm still waiting for mine to bloom, but they've been very low maintenance so far.

  10. Yeah that's what I have heard. I was looking for some flowers to attract butterflies and bees. We just moved and trying to decide what all to plant and they are on my list to fit into the plan next season.

  11. I am trying to book a trip around two of the dates. For those of you going, would it be better to try for Aug 29 and Sept 2 or Sept 2 and Sept 5?

  12. Basically at this point get something near a freeway and be prepared to camp out at your spot.

  13. Are you saying I could possibly see it from a hotel? Or should I plan on driving closer to the launch sight?

  14. Drive up to it. KSC visitors center will sell tickets on Tuesday and it’s worth it. If not Max Brewers bridge is really good.

  15. Thanks for the info! Hope to see this.

  16. Person B would have already beaten the world record and established a new record before Person A completes.

  17. Columbus is the worst when it comes to preserving history and heritage. The commercial builders have the mayor and city council paid for.

  18. Why is this worth preserving?

  19. We moved to GC at the start of the year. We’ve had Tammy’s a few times and it is a solid pizza choice.

  20. The front doors are odd. They look like they belong more on a business rather than a house. I could see them on a deck or patio though.

  21. Watch this to calm your nerves. Punt return with 8 people on the field

  22. We did have this some years ago

  23. Good luck if you ever get upgraded on a plane with lie flat seats. Then it really is tough to go back. I've been upgraded twice on 777s, 1x on 789, and 1x on the 330 when they still flew. Best way to travel.

  24. Major station, park and ride, interchange, etc on the grounds of Historic Crew Stadium. The soccer fields aren’t going here anymore so let’s make public transit possible. Also connects the fairgrounds to the convention center and the airport. This route runs all the way through Powell headed North.

  25. I will say, there is a real opportunity to get some rail service between downtown and the airport at least. I know it's a different level, but I did some work in Toronto a few years ago and I enjoyed the Pearson Express which was a train service between the airport and downtown Toronto. It was so nice just having to the walk to the station, jump on the train, and not have to worry about parking or rental cars.

  26. I do 78 during the day until my wife comes home and then it has to go to 74.

  27. Where do you find the information from NWS Wilmington, such as that they are sending up a ballon? This is all interesting stuff to me, thanks for putting it together.

  28. We used Leaders when we moved this past winter. They charge mostly based on your inventory, so you have to have a good idea of what you have to move when you get the quote. They will adjust on the actuals once they finish loading the truck. They don't mess around once they get to work.

  29. This does sound like a Fat sandwich, but a bit healthier since they use tortilla instead of sub bread. My favorite Fat sandwich had chicken fingers, moz sticks, fries, and marinara on it. Perfect ending to a night of drinking.

  30. Both of these planes are on my bucket list.

  31. For Ohio State: Lose a close one to Notre Dame to start the season, but rebound against Arkansas State the following week. But then they lose to Toledo in a night game upset. By bringing shame for losing to another Ohio team for the first time in nearly 100 years, Ryan Day gets fired. The rest of the coaching staff and team quits. The replacement team is made up of a rag tag group from the OSU undergraduate, who play inspired but ultimately lose every game by at least 50.

  32. If you don't have any devices that use gas during the summer months then you may want to have it turned off. There is a fee to get it turned back on, but it is less than paying the fixed fee.

  33. Is it one of those regular 20 lbs propane tanks? I would just exchange it then and let them deal with it.

  34. Most enjoyable things in life are probably not good for you. But you can't live in a bubble and not enjoy things.

  35. How is alcohol enjoyable? It tastes terrible and makes you stupid. I don't get it.

  36. The taste is not for everyone, but it comes in many varieties from beer, spirits, and wine. The part that humans can find enjoyable is the dopamine release associated with alcohol.

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