1. No, Chat GPT has a character limit. When it is reached it just stops

  2. Just say "continue" or "go on" and it'll carry on.

  3. I've never heard it called the "present perfect", just the "perfect" tense, and I think of it as a form of past tense, not the present.

  4. Methinks you did a bit of Latin at school, perhaps. The tenses on the chart are what is being taught in primary schools in England now.

  5. 12.1 CONTACT AND CONTEST When attacking, defending or playing the ball, opposing players may come into physical contact with each other. Provided the players do not interfere with each other's play or use their bodies to gain an unfair advantage over their opponent, it is deemed to be 'contest' and play continues. 'Contact' occurs when a player's actions interfere with an opponent's play whether these are accidental or deliberate.

  6. mine too! except it never gets to 100%, it just keeps getting increasing the "total" size needed to be backed up. like my whatsapp size is only like 22GB, but the back number has kept getting bigger (currently at 45GB), so that my percent never reaches 100% 😭😭😭

  7. Did you ever solve this? I'm having the exact same issue, total size keeps getting bigger, but always gets stuck at 99% or 100%. I've tried their technical support chat but it's worse than useless.

  8. Linguists do not consider “between you and I” to be incorrect, although in formal writing it’s true that you’d be expected to use “between you and me.”

  9. I'm a recovering prescriptivist and, while I have generally come round to the descriptivist viewpoint in most things, I would draw the line at this. It's hypercorrection, plain and simple; people have it drilled into them that "it's not me and John, it's John and I!" and so they think they should put "and I" every time, even if it makes no sense, like here.

  10. That meaning is also still included in "hören", as "er hört nicht" usually means "he misbehaves/doesn't follow commands" rather than "he doesn't hear"

  11. "He never listens" is frequently used in the sense of "he doesn't obey" in English as well.


  13. You're mixing tenses, which sounds very weird to me. I'd say you could have either of these:

  14. "Me neither" would be the standard/slightly more formal option, although some people might still consider this a little informal (the most formal options would be, "Neither can I" and "I can't either"). We use "me neither" when agreeing with a negative statement, and we use "me too" (as well as some other constructions) when agreeing with a positive statement ("I can wait" "Me too").

  15. Saying "me either" when you mean "me neither" is classed by most Brits in the same category as saying "I could care less" when you mean "I couldn't care less", viz. the category of "stupid things Americans say that make no sense".

  16. The correct answer is "are". This is because "one in ten" is a determiner of proportion, not of number. If you would say "ten percent of cars are", you should also say "one in ten cars are", because you are not taking about a single car, you're taking about some proportion of all cars.

  17. Anyone know where you can watch this? I couldn't see anything in the BBC article.

  18. If you want a more hardcore dictionary entry,

  19. You're not wrong about the "hardcore", my life!

  20. "Do you want the oven to leaving on?" is ungrammatical.

  21. Man hat kein Recht, Mikrowaffen in der Tasche zu tragen!

  22. Both are fine grammatically. The first one is somewhat more natural. Don't forget that sentences need to start with capital letters.

  23. The way I rationalize (a) being incorrect is because maybe you would have to say you can NOT find ...... neither nor.

  24. No, that would be ungrammatical as it would be a double negative. All four given options are grammatical as the other poster says.

  25. Double negatives aren't grammatically incorrect, though.

  26. "You cannot find road maps neither in this book nor on the Internet" is definitely ungrammatical in Standard English.

  27. On the off chance that this isn't a troll post, please don't do this.

  28. I'm curious about the net not counting as part of the goalpost? In fast five I've seen GK's use the net at throw-ins to regain possession on court

  29. The net has always been part of the goalpost; I believe the most recent rule update may have included an amendment to clarify this. See rule 3.2.iv.

  30. It's not incorrect to use dialect here as accents are a component of dialects. Accents and dialects are not strictly separate and can't generally be meaningfully untangled except in a colloquial sense

  31. It's fine but only if you've recently referred to the participants, e.g.:

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