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  1. Kinda seems like they’re telling them when they can and can’t open hehe

  2. This is a crime btw. It’s called aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Someone yelling at you on the road doesn’t give you the right to point a firearm at them. Furthermore, most firearm and self defense instructors would advise against using your firearm as an intimidation tool. It’s fun being hard until you get two years because you couldn’t check your ego. Interactions like these are stupid.

  3. You're making sandwiches. Sandwiches. Starting $11 is more than reasonable for that low skilled a job

  4. How much does rent cost where you live? Serious question. 1 BR apartment. Tell me now.

  5. Who doesn't love Five Guys? I always like to get stuffed with Five Guys at the end of my shift And sometimes right smack dab in the middle of it!

  6. Definitely. I know everyone likes to meme but the reality is most of us are 26-34, taking care of ourselves, earning decent wages, in stable relationships, married, kids, hobbies outside of osrs, etc.

  7. I want you to turn on voice memo and put your phone in your pocket rn pls.

  8. I would say don’t order McDonald’s on door dash and tip better

  9. Are these 30mm rounds being used for indirect fire? Wonder what the range on that would be.

  10. I at an undetermined amount between 10-20grams once. I don’t recommend it. 6 is certainly plenty.

  11. Idk bout y’all but as soon as he lets go of my dick I’m going back to absolutely beating the shit out of him and this time I’m biting.

  12. They were attempting to detain him. He wasn't actually in their custody.

  13. As someone who sounds like they have a decent understanding of the law you know that a lot of this will come down to interpretation of said law and the state that they’re in not necessarily just federal mandates. There certainly could be a local statute in place preventing behavior like this and even if there’s no criminal repercussions one could certainly make an argument for civil action depending on the circumstances.

  14. Ive lost and kept off over 85 pounds for a year and some change now and I can sell you my first 6 months I saw very little change. Stick with it. You’re going to start seeing a lot of physical changes in addition to just feeling better.

  15. Idk I think there’s some nostalgic value to the idea but you make solid points.

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