1. They were attempting to detain him. He wasn't actually in their custody.

  2. As someone who sounds like they have a decent understanding of the law you know that a lot of this will come down to interpretation of said law and the state that they’re in not necessarily just federal mandates. There certainly could be a local statute in place preventing behavior like this and even if there’s no criminal repercussions one could certainly make an argument for civil action depending on the circumstances.

  3. Ive lost and kept off over 85 pounds for a year and some change now and I can sell you my first 6 months I saw very little change. Stick with it. You’re going to start seeing a lot of physical changes in addition to just feeling better.

  4. Idk I think there’s some nostalgic value to the idea but you make solid points.

  5. The time to kill on these things is so brutal. A lot of the guys are still somewhat in control of their movements afterwards but have clearly sustained large amounts of shrapnel damage which I would ASSUME means they’re likely going to die. But how long that takes seems to vary…

  6. The problem is they’re gonna do some stupid bullshit like “sailing” and it’s going to be really fucking boring. I don’t think they’re keen on making a skill that has too much effect on existing mechanics because that would involve massive reworks on so many different levels.

  7. I dunno, truthfully I’m at 40 something, but I figured I get it by now 😂

  8. That’s just not how it works. They surrendered, lay flat and made no attempt to attack the Ukrainians. They were completely harmless at that point and it means that the Ukrainians took the conscious choice to shoot directly at prisoners they knew weren’t a threat.

  9. Would you permit Russians to kill a dozen surrendering Ukrainians if one guy opened fire? Of course not. To the average individual these days, Russia is both committing the most brutal of war crimes and testifying to how brutal they are, while also being utterly incapable of having any of their own be the victims of them.

  10. Had someone talk to me this way, I called DD support and said I don’t feel safe. They canceled the ride and I got free lunch

  11. Try to sell local. A lot of time you’re gonna get better rates.

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