1. has anyone else had the same experience whereby the high majority of sadako’s are tunnellers / campers? as soon as i realise i’m facing one i just accept i’ll most likely be face camped

  2. I don't mind boops as Pig but please don't do it expecting to be spared I still want to play a normal match

  3. right? i recently had a nancy who ran right up to me at the start and wanted to boop so i was like ok whatever, i let her do it a few times then continued with the match. she eventually died and messaged me saying i must be a toxic pig who hates nancy’s 💀 like sorry that i’m entitled to have fun too by just playing the game normally lol

  4. i agree with almost everything you said — this is the most fun i’ve ever had with pokemon. however, just because the gameplay is good doesn’t mean we can’t criticise the graphics, like what?? the graphics would be acceptable for an indie studio or something, but as others have said pokemon is one of the most profitable franchises in the world. it’s not that game freak can’t produce something better, they just don’t want to put effort in to do so when they know people like you will blindly defend it. it doesn’t look terrible all the time, but we should expect and should be demanding better from an AAA franchise.

  5. this has been posted lots of times since the patch. they’ve said the shards will be distributed eventually, nobody has got them yet


  7. i saw someone describe it as the sounding like raw meat slapping against a roof or something so it makes me laugh every time i hear it during matches

  8. i didn’t hate it. i’d give it a 5-6/10. it was so frustrating because it felt like there was so much potential under the surface but understandably with the runtime and the budget there was just so many missed opportunities.

  9. i’m a spirit main but i’m currently starting to main nurse and i feel the disconnect thing so hard. i had atleast one person leave every game i played as her last night lmao

  10. Mel can't fight. She sat back with Alice while Abby and Manny fought the Scars.

  11. Not the worst quality but the one that bothers me the most in Femsheps jog in ME3. In 2 she had a good jogging animation, in ME3 she has this hands out to the side stereotypical female run that just doesn’t make sense for my hardened warrior.

  12. i agree the ME3 jog is the worst for femshep but in ME2 the way her (and possibly malesheps? i’ve never played him) head looks down at the floor and to the side and like bobs up and down whilst she runs is so unnatural looking it stresses me out

  13. it makes me sad that EA have gotten simmers so accustomed to them releasing slithers of content in half-hearted packs that people are always begging for the next new thing, even though it will probably be underwhelming as per. i don’t even pay for packs but i desperately want them to continue doing pack refreshes to buggy packs like dine out or really lacking ones like island living. i also wish they’d devote time to fixing the base game because it’s so broken and empty. pretty much every aspect of it (especially relationships) needs an overhaul. of course, free updates won’t make EA money so they’ll use them sparingly, and i don’t know how much work it would be to fix the base game but i imagine they’d rather put their resources into making paid content.

  14. AG_N says:

    I just reached the theatre where Dina tells Ellie that she is pregnant, I have also seen people say the story is bad which I also agree with

  15. you’re not very far at all then. i hated abby at the beginning but i loved her almost as much as ellie at the end of the game. abby didn’t click for everyone but see how you feel after you finish the game. all i’ll say is you need to allow yourself to look beyond ellie as “good guy” and abby was “bad guy”. they’re both more than that

  16. no. that should be a free update. they shouldn’t be charging for staircases lmao

  17. spoink/grumpig. just two little cute piggy boys. how can you not love them

  18. it’s like when shrek and donkey drink that magic potion. it turned him sexier

  19. This sounds a bit like poverty tourism, which probably isn't your intention, but what you are describing seems a lot like taking people who are in a bad situation and treating it like frivolous fun. I could see EA getting in hot water making a world like that. There is plenty of opportunity for gameplay and items based around this sub-culture without reducing it to its worst parts. I live in a trailer (by choice), right nearby a trailer park. Most of my family lives in trailers. I have an engineering degree. Half the people I graduated with lived in/live in trailers. You're not describing a pack for trailer living, you're describing a 'poverty pack' which I am sure isn't your intention at all. It's easy to forget there are living breathing people behind stereotypes.

  20. THANK YOU for this comment. when i read the title, i was appalled. when i read the rest of the post, i was appalled. so i was expecting to scroll down into the comments and find most of them rightfully pointing out that this is just fetishising working-class people (‘redneck’) like we’re some sort of novelty. i’m sure this wasn’t OP’s intention because the rest of the ideas sound decent but yeah.... yikes.

  21. i haven’t seen it recommended a lot so far, so i’ll give a shout-out to z nation. it’s really camp and silly but it’s a lot of fun, the zombies are pretty cool and there’s some actual scary moments. it explores some zombie apocalypse concepts that you’d never see in the likes of TWD and the characters are really good and actually have depth. if you’re ready not to take it too seriously i’d definitely recommend, and it’s set in the same universe as black summer

  22. on my third playthrough of the mass effect remaster since it came out, think i’ve just hit around 225 hours total. if it wasn’t apparent, i love mass effect more than anything.

  23. he wouldn’t be happy to answer to shepard though. this one does not share top billing!

  24. looking at the body upside down, it looks geth shaped tbh like the body in the sand

  25. i don’t know how far into the future it will take place, but liara’s eye wrinkles in the first teaser is pretty obviously shown to indicate a long passage of time that will probably far surpass the life expectancy of humans, salarians, turians or quarians. that should rule out shepard, garrus, tali and the other human squadmates. besides liara the only one i can see definitely being in the game is grunt, and possibly wrex. but people will (understandably) keep hoping for shep and whenever the new protagonist is revealed they’ll get mad despite the devs trying to shown us that time will have passed

  26. no. shepard’s purpose was to stop the reapers and whatever ending you picked (besides refusal) that was accomplished. what else is there for shepard to do that would even come close to saving the galaxy? in my headcanon my shep lives and is found after the destroy ending - i’d like some closure for that but i’d like to see more of the universe. i want new squadmates to fall in love with. i adore all of dragon age’s protag’s equally and even though we had more games to get attached to shepard, i’m ready for someone new to take over. ryder was a promising start

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