1. And it's not the only one of theirs that fits the bill. Close to the Edge, And You and I, The Revealing Science of God, Gates of Delirium, Awaken, hell, even Endless Dream are all damn near perfect songs in their own rights.

  2. Also the Fly From Here suite, if you count that as one piece and not six individual tracks.

  3. Fly From Here may be the best piece made by them since Anderson left.

  4. It's not originally a flag. The pattern is believed to attract leopards. People started putting it on a flag and holding it at head height, as shown in the picture, so that the leopards would be more likely to jump at it and eat the flag-bearer's face.

  5. so it's the flag of Leopards Ate My Face (And Not In A Good Way)

  6. and it happens in the style of the video of manny getting crushed by fredbear

  7. They are only 800 away? Bro I thought they were on another planet... turn on 500 miles "let's gooo!"

  8. this is how i made my fursona too! the power of the vision!

  9. B side with 23-minute epic and A side with 23-minute epic. One has Jon Anderson, but the other has a cow. Decisions, decisions.

  10. but why is breast milky the best part of the suite though

  11. it is a sad day for us all porn hand-holding addicted freaks

  12. i will never get over how you shoved a spy up your ass

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