1. Right, I’m a human, so I’m not allowed to comment on human behaviour. /s

  2. Oh dear.. alright, I'm just going to rip the band aid off because you need to hear this. I've seen this kind of thing before.

  3. It's a "Jump to Conclusions Mat". You see, you have this mat, with different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO.

  4. Shit, is that how it works? I've been jumping on my buddy Matt and writing conclusions on his face this whole time. Damn.

  5. Kid just heard about the term straw man for the first time and was eager to try it out, didn't realize that you need to back it up whenever you say it outside your own echo chamber bubble lol

  6. Why do you care? They asked a question, let the actually helpful people try to answer it.

  7. Okay but sometimes people are just curious. Why the hostility? It's cool if OP doesn't wanna say, but it's not rude to ask. I was curious as to why as well. I have these same ones and I'm wondering if there's something useful about them that OP knows and I don't.

  8. Not sure why you were downvoted. I also bought the same set at Walmart. It's sold in a lot of different stores.

  9. Honestly, hard to tell what it's meant for without more context or even just a better look at the object. That said, best advice regardless is to just wear gloves, wrap it up in something you don't care about like some rags or a wad of paper towels, and remove it from your property. Just make sure whatever you toss it out in doesn't have any part of you on it: hair, blood, etc. Don't get involved with it, don't handle it excessively, and get it outta there. Either toss it in the trash on the curb or bury it somewhere off the property. Wouldn't recommend burning it though just in case there's something in there meant to manifest upon burning. This is how I handle stuff like this when I cannot identify it at all and just want it gone. Its most likely benign but when you're unsure, an excess of caution won't hurt.

  10. No fucking way this is real lmao everything about it is hilarious and makes absolutely no sense. Why did the cook just happen to have a ton of RSO on hand right before closing? Why would he ask some random 15 year old if he wants it for free? Why would he think to fry a burger in it? How did a cop end up finding him in his own bed? Since when does weed turn you into a gray alien? I have way more questions than answers.

  11. A line cook having drugs at work is the least shocking thing about this.

  12. What shocks me isn't that he had it at work. What shocks me is that he had enough left to fry a burger in it by the end of his shift.

  13. Moons big and bright tonight, that's all. Nothing unusual at all for Fairfield.

  14. Confirming my theory that this sub has lost all connection to its original meaning and has just become

  15. Definitely not the magic itself creating the reaction. That's just not how it functions. It has zero direct interaction with your immune system. By its very nature it does not interact with matter the same way other matter does, including pathogens. So here's our possibilities.

  16. Didn't realize they were making mountain dew the same way they make vinegar

  17. Gotta love the comments trying to cope like "Waiting 12 hours will ferment it into sourdough, I swear guys, it's still sourdough" like I'm imagining this logic with anything else. No guys, that's not grape must I left out overnight. It's motherless vinegar. Just trust me. Put it on your fries. No no these aren't scraps I forgot to put in the compost bin last night, it's jarless kimchi. Bone apple teet!

  18. Interestingly, they don't freak me out. Spiders do. Why is that?

  19. I've had the same thought, and the conclusion I've come to is mobility and circumstances.

  20. Honestly, it might be easier to tell if you cut it open and take pictures of that. Looks like a very pale custard apple, but cutting it open would confirm.

  21. Not going to lie, I thought this was about yeast infections at first and I was about to lose it lmao

  22. I'm in the same boat. I have so many people INSIST that THEIR edibles will get me baked as a forgotten cake, and every single time I am disappointed. Worse is, the way around this is alcohol based tinctures, but I can't have any alcohol for medical reasons. So it's a smoker's life for me I suppose lol but it doesn't stop me from lurking here just because I like baking.

  23. chill, hes just explaining where he got it wrong. what are you even hoping to argue about? everyone agrees it was a dumb idea. thats why it's being thrown out.

  24. It’s funny because I’ve always thought stoners were cool and chill people and then the Reddit gang showed me how much of assholes our culture can be.

  25. Thankfully, I think its moreso the intersection of stoners and reddit users imo. Plenty of stoners out there who don't use reddit and if they do they don't check the stoner subreddits for exactly this reason. They just come here for other interests like gaming. I'd still say that most normal stoners out there are chill folk. It's just that reddit attracts contrarians and people eager to live out their fantasy of being a high school bully. I agree though, it's really annoying to have people get high and mighty about stoner shit of all things. I cannot tell you how many brain dead decisions I've made while high lol

  26. The astrologer Robert Schmidt explained how he believed this to be a translation error. That the 12th house wasn't hidden enemies, but enemies who were enemies for personal reasons like "You're such a cow, Sandra". That the 6th house was about public enemies, enemies of the people or city, like, "Our nations are at war so we have to murder each other". He says it happened because people reading the texts misunderstood the meaning of "public", thinking it meant enemies you were open about having, rather than that it pertained to the notion of the city, crowd, society etc. Therefore they thought the opposite type of enmity was hidden enmity and not personal enmity.

  27. Question: would it not make more sense if 12th was public, or at least impersonal, since its in the diurnal sect? Houses 7-12 are typically more external in comparison to their nocturnal sect oppositions. 1st house is the self while 7th is the other, 4th house is home life while 10th is public life, and so on, so one would assume 6th is close, known adversaries of daily life and routines while 12th is distant, hidden enemies out in the wider world yet to be discovered. Thoughts?

  28. I asked this to someone else, but if viewing a planet as retrograde is all about our perspective, then what exactly is happening to cause this appearance and why are there differences in behavior associated with this appearance?

  29. After thinking on it, I believe we have a rather cryptic "marriage bad" joke on our hands. They would rather walk into the ER than walk down the aisle. Sounds like typical divorced boomer humor.

  30. They are being scheduled for birth overindexed to around 9am (possibly convenient for doctors and hospitals) which equates to an 11th house sun. And there are hardly any second housers coming into the world. We’re doomed.

  31. Wait, pardon? How did we get from "There's an abundance of 11th house sun babies being born in Mexico" to "We're all fucked" because you completely lost me.

  32. I would like to say many things but since ion wanna get perma banned for toxic behaviour, I’ll rest my case knowing I’m right💀

  33. One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that some seem to victim blame those on the coasts who should have left, didn't, and died as a result. Obviously it's not the same situation for everyone but many who "choose" to stay during natural disasters simply have no way to leave. No vehicle, no mobility, no money, no place to go. It's often not a matter of "Should I go? Nah. It'll probably be fine" but rather "Can I go? No? Well, hopefully I'll be fine..." which is why it's really important to, like you said, know when and HOW to leave. There can be all the charitable resources in the world out there for you to take, but it won't mean anything if you don't know it's there or how to reach out to it.

  34. Scams. Scams, scams, and more scams. There has been a huge boom of people getting into astrology in a very casual, one foot in the water kinda way where they sort of believe in it but sort of don't and have this very wishy washy opinion where whatever you want to believe is valid. And then those people need money, and they notice other people on twitter and tiktok at a similar skill level to them giving paid readings, so they do it too. But their knowledge is surface level and largely assumed or inferred, just like the people they're copying. So people end up buying these readings, which often are not cheap mind you, and they get the most wishy washy watered down pop psychology nonsense of a reading you can imagine, and they feel scammed.

  35. Can I ask how you guys rinse rice properly? I don’t think I could use a strainer without rice falling out but if I just rinse it in a pot, I won’t get all the water out without spilling or leaving some behind. But I’m guessing it doesn’t matter much? Or is there a better method I’m missing?

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