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  1. Mark McGwire used to wreck shop during BP. We would always get there early to watch.

  2. I agree. As a teenager, I would always get to the Coliseum early to see Big Mac, Canseco, Parker, Dave Henderson, and the rest crank shot after shot into the bleachers.

  3. Omg yes! Try crown burger—the pastrami plus the burger is amazing!!

  4. I was going to point out you misread the question, but turns out bots are pretty dumb.

  5. Arn and Tully jumped to WWF from WCW around 1988. A few years later, Ric had a plan to reunite and go on a new run Horsemen in WCW. A substantial offer per year was on the table for Arn and Tully to return by Jim Herd, who was Executive Vice President of WCW at the time.

  6. A calzone huh. Pass it down here. Let's have a look at it. I want a little taste. Come on, come on. Pass it down here. That's a good boy. That's a hell of a thing. Okay let's get back to business. Very good, very good. Excellent calzone you got there Costanza. Okay a little jealous now. You know that eggplant was very good. Everybody out. I got eggplant on my mind. Costanza get me couple of those calzones right now. Pronto. Move out. Big Stein wants an eggplant calzone. Everybody out!

  7. I have LOVED watching this soap opera unfold. Get bent, Carlos. I hope you never play baseball again.

  8. It's really shocking how much they nailed the idea of "generic pre-Tiger mid-90s pro golfer" with that name and likeness

  9. KSL has an interactive map of the area that shows where you can see Christmas lights/displays.

  10. Gross. I feel I need to wash out my skull now

  11. What I am reading here is Tony Kahn implying the burden to properly introduce wrestlers and their backstories is entirely on the viewer. Just look it up, eh Tony? I do not have time to muck around the internet finding clips from half a dozen indie promotions and from Mexico or Japan.

  12. Babe Ruth was nothing more than a fat old man with little-girl legs.

  13. Why do we still have morons who take pictures while driving.... at night...... in a snow storm.....

  14. You have no idea about the difference between karma farming and having a fun discussion.

  15. Right now it’s Tony Kemp, he was one of the few bright spots in this horror show of a season.

  16. Good picks. I love some Tony Kemp. Scutaro is a nice one, too. You also reminded me of Frank Menechino.

  17. That Nick Allen for the As is a scrappy lil fucker. Big balls of electricity this guy.

  18. I really hope the A's give Allen a fair shake next season. I like him a lot. Just let the guy play full time and figure things out.

  19. This has been posted more times than the amount of lies George told in the entire series.

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