1. I had over ten years of strength training experience as well as about five years of serious running and triathlon experience. CrossFit and supplemental Olympic weightlifting training were awesome for me to become well rounded. If you have good CrossFit coaches, you will learn a lot and have that for life.

  2. One thing to consider is latex vs natural latex. The latter being USA made vs china. I’ve had bands rip before so I go only natural latex now

  3. That’s an interesting element to consider, I agree. Do you know any brand I should consider?

  4. I’m not sure about allergies. I know that’s the difference between the rogue monster bands and the echo bands.

  5. This is interesting. You work with numbers and I work with words. Let's be pernickety about words.

  6. They say never discuss numbers and statistics with those working with words or use tunnel vision.

  7. Whatever you think the issue is, you worth more. Well done. Hugs.

  8. I don’t have any links for you unfortunately, just some thoughts of my own.

  9. Thanks for helping. Yes, I agree about the value of abstracting the data behind a protocol. I am only reluctant at using Resolver or other tools outside Apple SDK. I see Resolver has been suggested also by

  10. If you want to stick to Apple instead of Resolver, I suggest checking out @EnvironmentObject

  11. If you want to use two desks in the same room, I’d suggest to consider using standing desks or standing-seated desks:

  12. Well, before anything else, congrats and best of luck! It is a great opportunity for you all.

  13. Yup should be free at pharmacies or your GP if you hit the current criteria for the second booster. Got mine last week

  14. Thank you. Yes, it sounds straightforward. Will do.

  15. You should be grand. Just ring ahead, as some of them only do jabs on certain days when they have enough staff for it, and you usually need to have an appointment in any case.

  16. Thank you. It works. I can then share the result with my shortcut, which will save it as text in my notes.

  17. If you code for AWS or others and connect remotely you just need a beautiful client that makes your experience simple and nice: Macbook Air is a good option.

  18. Walk or go somewhere then kiss him with love and speak to him passion looking in the eyes.

  19. My advice would be to seat not for comfort but for strengthen your back when seated, then educate yourself to walk and stretch-exercise regularly.

  20. I use beans, lentils, and all those can be mixed with a fraction of meat if wanted.

  21. Try Suunto Core: time, timers, compass, barometric pressure and battery lasting months.

  22. REI flash jacket is pretty decent and cheap. 4 oz.

  23. Thank you very much. I use a lot Arteryx jackets and Patagonia (more for backpacks though). Will check those products you recommend.

  24. What’s always amusing is the Garmin cheerleaders that always show up speaking their faith in the brand whatever the question about Polar is.

  25. In China, Garmin is advertised everywhere..... Few people know Polar. I don't like Garmin's advertisement tactics in China......

  26. Not referring to you but to replies to your post :)

  27. Call both hiring managers back and say you want to do some prep for when will be joining, asking:

  28. Nice quality of recording: what hardware are you using?

  29. It’s a KingSlim 2052 I think, shoots 4k up front and 1080p on the rear camera. I would highly recommend it.

  30. Great idea also good is hanging the band to the wrists without any hooks it works wonderfully.

  31. With working from home common in many companies and countries finding a job is now to be seen from a broader perspective.

  32. That is true, but I'm the kind of learner that is motivated by projects and finds it best when someone is there in person to show me when I first learn a subject. Thats why I'm not interested in doing an online course as i find it better for someone to be there to help me understand what I did wrong and give me feedback instead of waiting a bit for an answer. Once I learn it and understand what to do then I can do side stuff on my own but I just can't motivate myself to do much without a project in mind and the know how to do it. I know that sounds bad but that's just how I learn.

  33. It’s okay, no worries. You’re right, everyone learns differently. Have fun and good luck with your new career.

  34. Thank you, I hope I can do it as it seems to be one of the few options of having a good paying wfh job that I might be able to do. I swear I can't be a customer service work all my life I'm already going insane dealing with the calls and I'm barely a year into it.

  35. :) I hear you. You will be fine with a career in tech. It’s a learn everyday kind of job, and it is worthy.

  36. If you will go for negotiate, just be clear about the salary increase would make you happier. But then also say that you will accept the work anyway. If you feel to be a good match for it.

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