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  1. "a woman is someone who identifies as a woman" is actually no longer valid according to some of them who are denying the club shooter is nonbinary.

  2. This tank is anti-short range damage and flying damage? Seems 76, Cassidy and Ashe will do well vs him but not any hero that needs to be really close.

  3. his nemesis form doesn't take reduced damage from the back, so flankers should cause him headaches a bit.

  4. His ult completely shuts them down though, in addition to the slowing vortex. Both Tracer and genji are extremely weak if they get aoe suck damage like moira orb.

  5. I mean she did change a fair bit but let's be honest, even if she wants to she can't drop her sexual content without killing her streaming career. That was her content for years and that's why most of her viewers are there, if she stops it they'll go watch another girl.

  6. First, she did it due to being forced by her ex. Now she is doing it because her audience is making her. Do women have agency at all these days?

  7. It is NOT about cheating, title is wrong

  8. Dude, I understand your perspective, but like… she literally has a near-100% pickrate in both T1 and T2 pro play. She’s very blatantly overpowered, not in her base kit, but due to the fact that her ultimate instantly wins fights at the top level.

  9. Lucio/Zen ultimates also instantly win fights if the enemy has no answer for them, and they can move and chase you too.

  10. Okay, to provide a bit of background here: I'm a collegiate coach. My team actively scrims at a fairly high level, and I've been studying pro level vods of Kiriko teams since day 1.

  11. While I respect the fact that you probably have analysed this more than I have I have few points to address from someone who simply just plays the game

  12. Imagine going to a country that has no free speech, an issue that affects 99.99% of the populace and crying about an issue that affects less than a percentage of that populace.

  13. Any company that does this needs to be boycotted.

  14. Depends on how broad you define the rights. Am I saying Qatar should legalize gay marriage? No that’s up to them. Should Qatar be criticized for imprisoning and perhaps killing gays? Yes.

  15. They benefit from appeasing the west but are also simultaneously so rich they don’t care? Can’t be both and Qatar cents only isn’t appeasing the west with their behavior.

  16. I find it quite ironic that people are asking Qatar for LGBTQ acceptance before they ask for them to support freedom of speech.

  17. Did something happen to him in the patch? I've been taking a bit of a break from ow recently and as a hog main I might consider coming back lol.

  18. Zarya was the only tank that can effectively deal with hog, Zarya is not even being played against him now since he can exert pressure on her by using primary fire until she uses bubbles, then he can use his CDs to deal with her. Her bubbles are on a long enough CD that it is better to just mirror him.

  19. I mean I think opt in crossplay is fine and console crossplay it's only really different inputs that cause issues.

  20. I'm sorry but you are off the rails some people prefer controllers and we should be allowed to enjoy the game with other people who like controllers, I'm all for advocating for crossplay to be optional but pc players who want to shit on controller players without aim assist because they get an advantage just sound like whining babies to me

  21. I'm not for crossplay in competitive games, where did I say I support it? I do not want PC players or console players to have an advantage especially when assisted by software.

  22. If I learnt anything from the ow community, tanks rebalancing will be on a cycle, now we move on to complain about winston and hog.

  23. Dude, the only way he is not seen in most matches now is if hog actually keeps him in check. He is extremely good.

  24. To build on this Rein's biggest issue before was that Zarya did a lot of what Rein did but better and also just farmed him. The Zarya nerf should most definitely increase his overall viability.

  25. Why are people complaining about this? this is the greatest thing to ever happen to twitter.

  26. I had no horse in this finals but I'm glad Fuel won for variety. Hopefully a Cassidy skin can come out of this.

  27. You use it to take or keep space or block immense damage. Do not use it for poke stuff.

  28. I was kinda hoping for a support, but he's cool. Tank queues will remain fucked for the foreseeable future I guess.

  29. Why were you hoping for a support when we’ve known for months that the first hero release was going to be a tank?

  30. Well, based on how everyone already wants to tank and no one wants to support, I hoped that maybe they'd bump one of their saved heroes up in priority.

  31. By giving credits for support/all, right?

  32. As much as the community will hate my take, this is not the solution. Having the role be like a chore that you get paid to do is not going to solve this since people will "get paid" and then stop supporting or get paid enough to not care about getting paid.

  33. Do you think food magically appears in your supermarket?

  34. How I interpret it: Probably if they don't do it and try to win him over, even if they risk being killed, in the wild they wouldn't get any food and die. So it's basically risk dying or die.

  35. My guess is that they need attention, but don't know when they are asking for too much.

  36. His parents were trying to get the mclaren from her because they knew something like this would happen.

  37. You actually might be spot on with this. She projected her intentions on them.

  38. She's an alpha widow, any poor bastard that takes her on a date is just going to hear about xqc like he's on a date with one of the juicers.

  39. Is her plan to make everyone hate her guts on Twitch? Because it is working spectacularly well right now.

  40. Hey AD AD spam with some random crouch in between works , even the best widows don't hit me in the head properly cuz of my dance moves

  41. The issue with Sojourn imo, in this specific advice, is that she has both projectile and hitscan almost whenever she wants. This results in both forms of adad movement to be counterable by her kit.

  42. While this is true, soldier also has both and playing around the helix in your strafes has long been a part of the micro in 1v1ing soldier. Playing around the railgun shot has already felt pretty natural so far strafing-wise. RN my biggest issue is she isn't enabled in most 1v1 lobbies so haven't been able to practice that interaction as extensively.

  43. Soldier has a cd, with a loud sound on his helix. Sojourn can technically fire her hitscan with low charge or high charge to finish off someone. There is really no CD. Obviously you can see her with high charge but the charge is retained for so long that she is under no pressure to fire it quickly.

  44. I've been playing for like 10 hours as support now (I am now on tier 36) and to me this rewards are practically worthless; hell I'm not even nowhere near unlocking kiriko... Thankfully I don't have to.

  45. Heroes should never be in the BP. Even if you unlock it, if teammates dont, then it is shitty for you.

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