1. Man, you really are crazy. Incredible

  2. You do it well yourself just now, no need for me to help you.

  3. So you pretend you didn't say that in just last comment?

  4. There are many reasons starting from "they know what real socialism is" to "they also work hard (even if not to the level of asian)" to something that will get you banned on reddit.

  5. But that is exactly op point. Eventually they are the only possible rival and that's always them, the end game boss. And it is not even that they are that strong, but mostly annoying and extremely boring and long wars. Although in one of my last game in India they were also incredibly op. I had 5k dev and 200k troops, spain and Commonwealth had 2k dev and 100k troops. 4th gp ottomans? 1.5k dev and 450k troops. Sure they are paper, I stackwiped 40k using my 30k while attacking them in hills, but still 450k troops from just 1.5k dev?

  6. If you play your cards right no AI will rival a high trust ally ever. Doesn't matter if you're the only available rival.

  7. Hmm, was never able to achieve that with ottomans.

  8. Add Ukraine to the list. The US backed a 2014 coup in Ukraine because Obama didn't like that the president was cozier with Russia than the EU.

  9. "Ancap revolution (overthrowing illegal russian puppet too) was usa backed coup". Gtfo Russian bot.

  10. Sure you don't belong here, but why are you even proud of being warmonger?

  11. So again if you have any other argument than "that wasn't real ancap" come back, otherwise I take it as your defeat and ignore you from now on.

  12. My argument is that you’re a fucking idiot, who has trouble comprehending the English language.

  13. Yeah, it is very clear when one side presents actual cases and all the other can say is typical junior school argument "you are idiot". Bye kid, hope to never see you again

  14. Denuvo is half bloatware and gets cracked constantly dude, is this what we’re gonna protect all with? What if any of this stuff gets leaked or people just copy it anyways?

  15. Such a woosh. But what did I expect from totalitarian socialist pretending to be ancap

  16. You are really bad at pretending. When you get rid of idea that private property is bad thing come back, but not before.

  17. That's simple. For communists it is because they don't create progress thus total amount of resources remains the same and it is zero sum game. For libertarians it isn't because they always progress and the more time passes the more they have.

  18. Or isolated. Thus comes idea of borders. But nothing of that is new. So what is your point?

  19. I have called the police many times on all sorts of pretty bad stuff that I had seen going on, not a cop to be found in sight. They always said 'a officer is on the way' and they would never show up. Longest I waited was 2 hours where there was a dude selling meth out of a van right by a public park full of kids. Quite appalling.

  20. You should have said that they were spewing anti government (or anti whatever party is in power now) propaganda, works like charm.

  21. Woah careful there. I received a 3 day ban recently for commenting "The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi" in

  22. Almost every mainstream sub like

  23. Shouldn't the aggresiveness of the AI be directly influenced by the difficulty setting of the game?

  24. That is also acceptable solution.

  25. So what I'm getting out of this is that AI shouldn't be allowed to blob, only the player can do that?

  26. Most people want alt history which they make, not random alt history made by ai. Just compare how many people play by themselves and how many do ai only runs.

  27. You really think if you say Nazism is socialism enough times your cult doctrine will suddenly become true? Lol.

  28. It always was. It is in the name, in all speeches, in their allies, in what it grown out of, in what they did, in what it resulted in, in how it ended. Everything is socialist. So kiddo, any actual argument?

  29. The cultist with no argument demanding other people provide an argument? Oh the irony....

  30. Ohh you finally understood tou are cultists without argument? Ok you can go back to school, nothing to do here for you anymore.

  31. He spent the first part of his rallying against millionaires and billionaires, until he became a millionaire and now only targets billionaires.

  32. I listen to experts... the ones who have proofs, was not proven to be wrong time and again or caught doing bs propaganda. That is of course if I'm not expert myself and have no other good way to confirm or reject claim.

  33. I had different experience. Everyone who did it, did it through willpower only.

  34. Nope, never heard of that book, only know of real cases with real facts. "That's not what they experienced, I know better" is very totalitarian socialist approach, you know?

  35. That's simple really. Corporations spends money on some agenda instead of improving product. Those money got stolen. Government bail it out. Government steal money from us. We are angry. So BLM stole those billions from us. That is bad by itself, but OP point is "at least give those money to the people you stole it for and don't put into your own purse". As you can see it has everything to do with ancap (or rather with everything ancap opposes).

  36. That is true, but opposite is true as well - misuse of "Russian bot" doesn't excuse actual Russian bots. Same as with "nazi".

  37. Too complicated for you? Thought so. Nvm, you probably can't understand something at that level anyway. See you

  38. Especially rightwingers. They love to bash liberals. You know, rightwing socialists. Yeah hitler was so liberal. He was just so woke.

  39. I see... there is a big invasion of especially idiotic socialists. Claiming socialists are right wing, claiming Lenin and marx were socialists, claiming safe robber were not motivated by profit, claiming real socialism has never being tried, claiming socialism have nothing to do with social groups... yeah... okay... you be insane... whatever.

  40. Do you mean "amazing cultivator simulator" or "tale of immortal"?

  41. Add to this letting them change gender before 18. And most importantly letting them vote when (almost) all they can do is parrot someone else's opinion.

  42. This tweak for espionage is big. However it is not so big for espionage as it is for mil ideas. Did you notice that with this siege bonus + indirectly from increased spy network espionage have 2 minor mil boosts now same as best mil ideas - quantity and offensive? Plus it still has that sweat 20% ae. So now espionage should be picked Ober any mil idea. And because 4 admin ideas are still better then any other and dip is still slightly better then espionage there are just no slots for mil ideas before 8th group which is... yeah, useless.

  43. In multiplayer at least mil ideas are absolutely essential.

  44. Yes. But most people play single player, either wide (and thus inno dip admin esp rel/hum trade hum/rel) or role-play (and thus whatever, but probably no mil whatsoever)

  45. Just out of curiosity, why is everyone shitting on republicans? I actually thought the current republican views were at least somewhat in line with the anarcho-capitalism. I've seen a few comments saying the republican party hasn't been about small government for a long time. So then what exactly *is* the republican party pushing for? Sorry if this is a basic question. My Public Education brainwashing takes a lot to correct, you know? XD. For real, the comments have been throwing me for a loop.

  46. Not everyone, but many. 2 main reasons are:

  47. Imagine posting actual Russian propaganda. Do putin's boots taste better than our statist's?

  48. As much as i hate russian propaganda (and others too, but russian is especially nasty normally), this particular one is actually not Russian propaganda although it is in Russian. Actually if you ignore specifically Biden it is very good ad, it says "elderly people needs care. Call now". So yes, OP title is a bit misleading, but picture itself is not propaganda.

  49. Now you are just building strawmen and confusing the left with liberals.

  50. In usa it is the same thing, in old world those are the opposite. Since we are on reddit and talking about usa, we use those 2 as interchangeable, yes.

  51. No it's really not the same thing liberals are followers of the third way which is a political position first popularized by Bill Clinton. People on the left believe in actual leftist politics and not corporate BS. It's like the difference between Bernie Sanders and someone like Diane Feinstein.

  52. Well, Clinton is slightly less leftist, but just as corporate as sanders and co. So from perspective of rightist, ancap and even centrist there are no difference between those 2.

  53. So if a solid, well-run business did the same thing of hiring a DEI office, you would call it misplaced priorities? What if they are a Christian-based firm and hire a pastor to counsel employees on issues related to their work and family life? Would that be missplaced priorities? What if they hired someone to help them with cultural relations because they have a diverse workforce. Would that be missplaced priorities?

  54. Out of all those options cultural relations advisor makes some sense, but in my experience it is better to hire someone already having mindset of "be good, professional, work hard and smart, progress and succeed" instead of trying to connect it to whatever other cultural mindset is popular locally.

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