1. Looks like your not getting enough or any REM sleep which over time can be detrimental to your overall health and alertness

  2. M3 will be a little faster but the Y will be a whole lot more roomier and more cargo space and better for two person car camping. MYP all the way.

  3. Can someone translate what they were saying ?

  4. He keeps saying over and over that the guns are fake. To calm down.

  5. The clear one looks like the fellow tasting glass

  6. I’d recommend the JXPro if you plan on getting into espresso ever and if not the Q2. Regardless, your forearms are going to thank you when you finally make the switch. The Hario slim is trash.

  7. You can see at the 32 second mark, someone with a black hoodie on walks from where the phone was last seen on the ground and walks right past the fight seemingly in a hurry without even looking at the fight. My guess is that is the person that took the phone. Looks very suspicious the way he doesn’t even glance at them and walking in a hurry.

  8. Generally a cup is between 200-250ml, so a .9 kettle won't do 6 cups.

  9. Especially if you’re using kettle water to rinse filter and preheat dripper

  10. Polishing works, I’ve always been scared to use steel wool but I’ve heard that works, or clay bar it. Then apply something to protect it. Sealant spray, or window protectant.

  11. I tried clay bar and it did nothing. I will try steel wool and if it doesn’t work I’ll try polish. Thank you for the tips!

  12. There are different types and levels to clay bar. There are clay towels which don’t get much in my opinion. There are clay pads which work well. And then clay bars. Then there’s different types of aggression with all of that. Maybe try a more aggressive clay bar?

  13. Good point. I tried a clay mit first and then tried CG’s grey, OG clay bar.

  14. I do. It’s not the most comfortable tbh but I really like the haptic alarm. It’s a much better way to wake up. I don’t recommend wearing it to bed just to obsess over the sleep data. I don’t really look at it - I found it to be a source of stress if I didn’t hit my sleep goal or whatever, and that was dumb.

  15. How do you set it up to use haptic alarm and override alarm on phone?

  16. i turned the alarm off on my phone and set the alarm on my watch

  17. Maybe turn down heat once you launch and perhaps pop air bubbles as they arise to avoid burned spots.

  18. Someone from BW told me in an email that they rest 14 days before grinding.

  19. Not silly. Anyone here not do this before? Didn't think so XD

  20. Been doing pour over for 3 years. I guess it was bound to happen eventually

  21. I recently weighed 30g of beans, put a paper in my v60 and put the unground beans into the filter at like 6am. It wasn't until I was about to pour water that I was like wait, wtf.

  22. I’ve found the key is to preheat along the seam first before pouring water around the rest of the filter.

  23. Drilling some holes in the side of the current one to increase airflow will help.

  24. Can’t imagine when I’d ever use two at the same time.

  25. Not sure why the downvote. Was just truly curious if when a good time would be to use two

  26. They'll never get to go over any sweet jumps.

  27. Lower your water to coffee ratio.if you're at 17 or 18:1 then drop down to 14 or 15:1.

  28. Don't run your AC with the windows down. This looks like it's just condensation and you are mixing the cold air with humid outside air.

  29. But this shouldn’t be happening I feel like. In all the years I’ve been driving and with all the different cars I’ve owned, this has never happened. Only with this Tesla.

  30. How intensive was the rain? Are we talking about consistent rainfall for days? Are we talking wind whipping the rain sideways? Were you driving when you noticed it, or just went you first turned it on?

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