1. Try flipping the switch on your psu to off, wait 10 seconds then flip it back on and try.

  2. make sure your base station is in wired mode and try to move it to the corner of the house where your cameras are located outside.

  3. It's possible and she did confirm she slept with Phil a while back so maybe Shrimpy is Phils son. And there he was under his nose all the time.

  4. Not sure, I just know the first games on steam and the second game will be on steam soon I guess

  5. No announcement of the second game coming to pc yet, I am sure it will eventually and by then the DLC could be included.

  6. Should have added to my earlier comment that the suggestion of setting clip loudness was for mixing purposes only. Additional gain will be required for the end product but that is more easily dialed in during mastering. I also recommend adding additional eq and or light compression in the master channel of Audition's master track to give some commonality to the various clips. Depending on the settings in the master channel you can also pick some additional gain in that step.

  7. Correct levels are -16LUFS for stereo podcasts and -19 LUFS for Mono.

  8. That was going to be my first question. I’m considering a Wyze doorbell, but there’s a clear view of the street from my front door. It’s not super close (maybe 50 feet away) so it may not be an issue. I was curious if we were in a similar situation.

  9. My street is 30 feet away from the door and even on low sensitivity I get motion alerts for all the cars going by.

  10. I bought one at Christmas as well and am having the same issues, detection zone does not work at all, motion detection sets itself back to 5 randomly. Are these things Wyze are even aware of?

  11. It's a doorbell with a camera in it, so it is part of the Wyze camera line.

  12. I find Damien Chazelle's La La Land has a feel of a PTA film, something about the vibe reminds me of Punch Drunk love.

  13. Interesting. I haven’t seen but might toss it on one night

  14. She told people she was away from the square that day, so the photo of her there says something, I don't think its proof of anything though.

  15. It doesn't. I honestly don't understand why they're making a big deal about it. Unless Frankie shows up with the negatives that are time-stamped.

  16. Timestamped photos would never hold up in court, most people who use film cameras don't even set the time and date. Janice is in the clear :)

  17. Does it make any sense that he would come and sing for the people outside the vic? probably one of Rocky's schemes.

  18. Doesn't take much to guess where these storylines are going.

  19. Don't think they will kill anyone, its probably going to be super dissapointing.

  20. we are sitting at opposite ends of a 4 foot table. With the mics pointed in opposite directions

  21. Also give vocal rider from waves a look, you can set it on one of your tracks in post to pull the volume down when the other speaker is talking.

  22. If you plug something into the line in port does it output audio, perhaps you could use it as a regular speaker that way.

  23. A gen 3 Dot, or any gen Dot for that matter, does NOT have a Line In port, only Output.

  24. Ah I thought that port was line in, good to know.

  25. I have a g305, not changed the batteries in over a year and its always on

  26. Yeah messed mine up, had to go in settings and change all the keys font to something bigger

  27. Are you refering to a general setting that can change all? Or did you go button by button?

  28. Mute the audio on the other track when each person is speaking that fixes it right up.

  29. If you get the Rode NTUSB Mini it has software that lets you plug 4 of them in and record multitrack.

  30. Anytime you view the feed it uses the battery

  31. This is about as legit as Alfies stupid stall capers the last 2 weeks on EE.

  32. They switched to a new flatbread and its much smaller, I was really hungry after that dinner last week.

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