1. The CrystalFoxxie Productions Discord has spoken and I've been inspired to place Music Man in the Dark Forest, a Musician who became too consumed by fame and was cursed by the Faerie Queen to play at least one instrument at all times and only speak in song. If he stops, he turns more and more into a spider. The curse lifts when he commits an act of great kindness and generosity.

  2. Aight so I kinda wanna make this mostly comedic with darker themes.

  3. Not me crying while drawing Chica holding a hand over her beak fearfully

  4. this is fnaf sb so faz inc would end up being faz LLC

  5. Listen, you might not like that it's a recap, but there are like.... a number of different endings, and all of them are in the form of a comic that is written and looks like it was thrown together in the last 2 days of production, and the artist and writer were given half the budget they were promised, so I am just making ABSOLUTELY SURE that we're all on the same page

  6. Poor Freddy, they took his whole personality, top hat n' all

  7. Lol, that's just a placemarker until I can think of a better getup for him

  8. Not really a crossover, the CEO just wants to make an interactive show like The Wiggles or Barney did, using super soft and safe animatronics, sets and props made from foam, playspace cushions and ball pits. It's a means of making money to pay off the lawsuits the company has against it from past mistakes.

  9. So the key thing is that you said “I need disability until I can at least get to a doctor.” You need to have current documentation from a doctor to get disability, and that documentation must talk about the things that you have tried for the conditions. So at this point, would you qualify for disability? No. Could you qualify in the future? Maybe.

  10. My wording was off, you're right. I meant more until I'm stable and fixed enough to not need it.

  11. If you mean that you currently have a job and want to take some time off to focus on your health, that might be a good idea. FMLA or short-term disability could be options, but I know much less about the requirements for those. You would still need documentation from a doctor, but less detailed.

  12. Well, I've been clawing for work for a while, but the last place I worked at fired me for not picking up the material quickly enough which is likely part of my poor memory via bipolar disorder, so I'm not sure what to do. The only places that have ever kept me have treated me terribly (one manager wouldn't let me go home and let me lay on the floor with an illness I thought was covid turning into pneumonia for 8 hours until a nurse found me and argued with them to let me go to the hospital) and the ones that treat me with basic human decency get rid of me because of my issues, so I'm more or less terrified of being either disappointed or abused if not both again..

  13. now im just imagining swatch punching spamton and sending him flying through a mansion window

  14. Swatch smashes watermelon filled barrels on a timer for Queen's amusement, bro could take your jaw off if you pressed em

  15. This looks really good! I love the expressions. The art style sort of reminds me of Tony Crynights style.

  16. My obsession with breathing life into her as a more stable design and character, at least under new au context, actually started with Tony Crynight's vids :3

  17. With retractable teeth that lock the jaw open when pushed down, plush features and magnetic joints that pop apart with little force, these forms are 100% safe and capable of interacting with kids

  18. Sort of. A super simplified analogy is this: You know how on some days you just have less energy? And then on some days you have extras? Imagine if every day was one of those two, and also those peaks and valleys were like fifty times as big.

  19. You got it, and the brain often fights to stay in the middle. Dopamine in the brain is a reward chemical that often motivates, gives energy, and allows for focus, and because so much dopamine is being used up on trying to stay in the middle and keep the mind in a safe space that there isn't enough or there is a significant burn up of the energy it takes to do this. This is why it's often mistaken for and acts like ADHD. Jonathan Decker, a licensed therapist I believe did an episode either on his channel mended light or on cinematherapy repeat about bipolar disorder and explains it in much greater detail.

  20. When a degenerate decides there will be but, that degenerate will not be me.

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