1. Works fine on my 55U8H and my Nvidia Shield Pro. I can adjust volume and power the TV on/off with the Shield remote.

  2. Does regular YouTube work okay? If it does, uninstall YouTube TV and reinstall it. That should remove all the settings for it that it has now and allow you to sign in with your proper credential.

  3. Often times VW speakers are riveted in. If you're buying them from a dealer parts dept, you can ask if they are.

  4. Watch the documentary that comes with the Score DVD set and you will have your answer.

  5. Connect your speakers to the optical out on the U8H. Keep the HDMI connected from the computer to the U8H.

  6. Afghanistan was illegally invaded by Russia. You cannot violate sovereignty with cause.

  7. Yes, BD's at The Greene had birthday specials. I think you have to be subscribed to their birthday club though

  8. Joe had many students in the 70's and 80's when he was teaching. He influenced a lot of students with his playing style. That track sounds like someone that was influenced by Joe.

  9. I'll answer the second question first.. Yes.. The app gives you access to the mesh configuration from outside your network. That's why you should be using a strong password for your account.

  10. You can't. They're stored in the mesh units. Doing a reset resets those settings

  11. Just prepare for possibly not being able to get around for a day or 2. You never know until it’s on the ground!

  12. Try the Nvidia Shield Pro. I don't even use the Android TV that's built into the U8H. The image quality is top-notch.

  13. When we walked into the store this morning just after 7:00, there was no snow. When we finished our grocery shopping and came out, the car and the streets were covered. Driving down 35 into Beavercreek was done at about 35 mph.

  14. Yes. Or you can get a small unmanaged switch and have it all go through the switch.

  15. I need to use the wireless backhaul I can't connect to a switch with cabling.

  16. Weird. Wired backhaul works just fine for me. It worked on my M5's and now works on my XE75 Pros

  17. By the way, you will want the MetroNet service. It will be far better and far more reliable than crappy Spectrum.

  18. The only problem I’ve ever had with Spectrum is the pricing. Their service has always been good for me. I don’t use any of their equipment, so I’m not sure how good that is.

  19. The equipment they give you is crap. I have my own modem also. Spectrum customer service is awful. And their pricing is ridiculous. I am just waiting for MetroNet to finish their work. I just had them run the fiber optic into my house about a week ago. I'm waiting for the rest of the work to be done.

  20. Hooning is a problem in most major cities around the country. The police never respond fast enough, and the criminals go someplace else and set up in a short period of time.

  21. Start getting ready for the day. Might actually take the time to have some breakfast.

  22. Are you former military? Or do you have a family member that is former military? USAA has really good rates, but either you or a family member has to be former military or current military.

  23. Unfortunately no. But I thank you for the recommendation

  24. Another insurance company that is also highly rated is Amica. I had them for about 10 years, but like all other insurance companies their rates seem to steadily go up over time. Never had an accident in that time, so never had to actually go through that process with them.

  25. Centerpoint will always be the company that you deal with when it comes to natural gas. If you look into the Ohio choice program you can get your gas through a different provider, so that bit of money that goes to the provider will go to someone else. However, you will always pay your bill to CenterPoint and if there is a problem you will have to call CenterPoint. Plus, there is a delivery charge that will always go to CenterPoint

  26. I had Dayton Overhead Door redo my entire garage door about 2 years ago. It was replaced with a Clopay door. They were very thorough in their replacement.

  27. Horrible song. Loved it as a kid. Kids are stupid, I was stupid. Really think it was the earliest form of my liking a pulsating rhythm starting to form.

  28. Totally hated this one. My radio alarm clock goes off one morning playing this. I have hated it since that day back in about 1983.

  29. It's ok, my alarm went off to "we built this city" in 1985 and I never listened to another top 40 station again.

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