1. Yeah a lot of that is generational difference too. I'm Gen X, and we were taught as boys to keep trying and persisting and we will eventually win someone older. Lots of girls were taught to play hard to get. Fortunately, when I got n my 20s, I learned quickly to not be annoying and pushy, but that still took a lot of counter-programming and an era change.

  2. I don't think he can at all considering DBS SS Vegeta couldn't even lift Magenta's weight of 1000 tons. And I know lifting power doesn't equal striking power, but I don't see a punch being planet-busting when 1000 tons is too much to lift.

  3. Featwise, youre missing: Super Buu can casually knock a ki blast backwards through the entire planet in an instant, Goku SS3 punches through the much more dense kaioken planet, they are punching through katchan katchan, which is adamantium type metal that is also ultra heavy and dense and strong enough to take planet busting + blasts, in the TOP, and all the striking feats against people with planetary durability, ie. Freeza.

  4. By the point of Vegetas Final Flash, they were a lot above planet busting. Anything that powerful aimed at the planet would by default destroy it which is why they didn't aim things downwards. It was above planet busting by some unknown amount, but everyone freaked out because aiming something like that downwards would have the side effect if killing everyone if he missed and hit the planet.

  5. There goes that Eurocentric point of view thinking we were savages for centuries. Oh we were so helpless! When I say we have to unlearn everything, I truly mean we have to unlearn everything! By the way, the tech we use today makes us think it’s new, but it isn’t. And it’s actually primitive.

  6. … Wow! Just because there is plenty in one area doesn’t mean that people didn’t interact with each other. You are acting like we could never be adventurous and explore. I know we are so used to being in our own little worlds, holding onto Afrocentric and Eurocentric views or any other centric views, but these thought processes are not healthy. The rest of what you said. I’m not even going to address. Well, I’ll leave y’all where your at.

  7. We did explore. We migrated north, east and west and became European and Asian over the years. And as those places started warring and looking for resources, they migrated across the ocean.

  8. There's no historical evidence for his existence due to lack of contemporary records of him existing. Scholars just use Occams Razor to say that it is somewhat more likely that a cult sprang up from an actual guy. The more common belief is that there were a few prophets in that time and a lot got juxtaposed onto one after the fact.

  9. Where are you getting this information from? There’s significant extra biblical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth lived.

  10. Name some. I've corrected the erroneous Josephus claim in multiple threads here, as an example (he said Christians who believed in a Christ existed, not Jesus). There's no contemporary evidence of Jesus and the fact that Rome didn't view this hugely significant person they executed as someone to write about is telling.

  11. But OP, if we ignore the dumb outlier feats and times where the narration or characters blatantly contradict what's actually happening, how can I, as a Dragon Ball fan, make threads about how a single saibaman could solo a universe everyone likes? It's the only way I can get hard anymore. Please help me, OP.

  12. Manga-wise, various characters in Super do stuff like telekinetically throw trains and buildings. Moro throws comets around, but they don't seem like gigantic ones from what I can recall.

  13. Does Beerus have feats at that level? Hakai is resisted by individuals much, much weaker than him and I can't imagine physical attacks knocking out more recent iterations of Galactus.

  14. Hakai is based on the person using it. Freeza resisted a tiny piece of bottled hakai and brand new weak GoD Toppo made one that was resisted. Nobody has resisted one from Beerus.

  15. Genuinely asking: is that something that they discuss in the manga? I am pretty unfamiliar with DB outside of the anime.

  16. The Super anime is just as much of a primary source as the manga, perhaps more so as they were both working from Toriyamas notes, but the anime had a specific continuity team.

  17. You're making basically two bets. One is optimal captain. The other is best low owned player that makes that optimal captain lineup unique. To win consistently, you have to be good at picking the first and not scared to do 30+ percent of max entry with that Captain. And then really roll with your two low owned people in a lot of those lineups.

  18. I am Legend is not a masterpiece, but his performance where he had to kill his dog - wow.

  19. Ssj blue Goku has perfect ki control. It's why he can bring his ki down to a level where he can get hurt by a fodder laser gun.

  20. Trunks could bring his power level down to 5, and Goku has better ki control.

  21. Well a little ray gun knocked goku out of ssb

  22. Nah, that was Toei messing things up. They fixed it in Super and had him power down to zero.

  23. Got drunk last night and did 150 Higgins captains in the Browns 70k Showdown. Worked out for me with getting 1/2/3, but it was rough for a while and regretting my drunken decision.

  24. Christian God isn't omnipotent in Biblical text (since El was initially a singular god in a pantheon before Judaism evolved and Christianity appropriated their god) and that was entirely an outside invention of Catholicism. Omnipotence wasn't even an idea that the writers of the earlier texts even had since their gods were extremely local. So you trying to back up "hes omnipotent because he's God" is not helping your case at all. Bible God has quite a few things he can't do, like lie, and is seemingly bound by universal rules, while feeling emotions like regret and jealousy that are antithesis to the idea.

  25. Yeah, no. If you claim a character is omnipotent, you have to show it. Eru creating the LOTR-verse is a large feat, but its still pretty low level as compared to non omnipotents like Eternity or Michael. Therefore, the supposed omnipotence is hyperbole and hes only all powerful in his limited universe, unless you can prove otherwise. Very simple. Burden of proof is to show that he's actually omnipotent, and creating and controlling one tiny universe ain't it.

  26. There’s an in universe explanation. It’s called the story of superman. It was eating the overvoid. It’s what quite literally created dc. It’s what could stop dr Manhattan. It’s what was sealed and made into the thought robot (if any of you actually read the comic you would know that the overvoid sealed the story of superman into divine metals. Ultraman was simply a tool to allow superman to use the full power of SoS). It essentially makes his power grow when he needs to win. It’s in universe canon plot armor. Same reason he’s able to literally transcend mr mxy when he needs to. He needed to save the multiverse, so he knocked out the world forger. It’s the reason he would’ve been able to kill dr Manhattan, but was also able to change his own fate in order to not do so.

  27. I did read the cosmic armor stuff as well as Manhattan rebooting the universe. The Story of Superman is a Meta version of explaining why good will always override evil in the DC universe, with Superman as its center. It doesn't have to do with Supermans actual power or feats or that he even won't necessarily lose, it just means that at the end, good will win and it all centers around Superman.

  28. Except it has everything to do with superman. Its what keeps him from losing. Its why he has feats that transcend mxy and even ones that transcend beings that transcend beings who eat imps like mxy for breakfast. It functions like reality warping.

  29. Superman does lose. He's lost many times. And died. It's an in universe explanation for why he's the center of the universe and will always be around.

  30. yeah but they’re SUPER aggressive and regularly kill people

  31. They're territorial. They kill people because they live right next to them and use the same water and people end up getting in their way by accident from time to time. I spent a little time in some villages that lived with them in Kenya, and they're generally docile, but you may pass them off, especially at night by accident.

  32. This sub used to agree on high level average showings which made it okay. Somewhere in the last couple of years, you have an influx of people that use scan threads out of context and are using max feats only, which has messed it all up.

  33. The trip didn’t incapacitated him, Flash get up pretty much immediately & he didn’t continue to fight cuz he chose to run away.

  34. That's Josstice League. Zack Snyder with the OP Flash had him stare at her and trip on a stair, then he got grazed by a shot to establish his healing factor. They ate literally two different movies.

  35. Exactly. Plus you have all of Batman's feats from Batman v Superman. And yeah, Superman just... I mean wtf do the Avengers even do at that point lmao. I maintain what I said in my original comment. Age of Ultron team is a much more fair matchup.

  36. And Cyborg being able to interface with any computer remotely and being able to interface with anything with the Internet. He just walked up to Bruce's jet and talked to it and fixed it/told it to work. Dude can just casually pull information from the pentagon remotely. He'd tell Jarvis to turn off or something.

  37. Windwaker Link has slight toonforcing which lets him get launched miles away.

  38. Apes, not monkeys, but yeah - you're right. People vastly overrated chimps and gorillas due to old wives tales and meme type stuff. Meanwhile, wolves are the second best endurance and group tactics based to humans, which is why we coexist so well with them and started evolving together.

  39. If I get first in the 50 cent instead of the 15 dollar contest one more time, I'm going to explode. This has happened to me like 15 times. Difference of 150000 dollars is ridiculous.

  40. Superman causally moves or lifts the weight of planets in many comics lmao. Saying most versions of him are below planetary is silly. You could maybe say New 52 is but most comic book iterations of Superman are easily planetary.

  41. It was a ridiculously huge deal, with years of buildup, when Post-Crisis Superman amped his speed enough to bust a moon sized object. I was reading Post Crisis Superman for 8 or so years regularly as well as Justice League (as opposed to most people around here who have only seen respect threads), and he had like a couple of feats that could be considered planetary or above in that time, while at the same time, he was seriously threatened by city-ish level stuff in far, far more occasions.

  42. That's honestly an outlier. Goku's transformations are multiplication, meaning if he gets stronger, then his base form has to have got stronger.

  43. It's not an outlier, people just confuse base form (while fighting, where he's amping with ki) and base form (powered down completely, just natural durability and strength). It's two different things. Goku never goes into a fight without some amping.

  44. It's literally half of the point of the entire series, not a "fan theory." Remember when Vegeta lowered his power as much as possible so Krillen could put him in near death? When people refused to fly so people couldn't sense their power rising/so scooters couldn't read them? How Piccolo and Goku show up to a fight at one level and raise it when they start fighting? How Goku lowered himself to 5000 or whatever when the Ginyu force read him so they wouldn't take him seriously? Or Trunks just wandering around at 5?

  45. Ah crap, I guess I'm in Civil War since I was playing VR Ping pong. At least Kratos would join team Cap with me.

  46. He was still a good value play and the only way to make some combos of people fit in...before Cobb got activated. Now I have to go through and remake everything.

  47. What’s your DK tag? Results DB has past slates and finish. I sub to most of the big sites and pretty much all of them have a percent opponents from appearing in same lineup button or group feature for a few years now that’s not anything new maybe for rotowire but they are pretty much a useless site besides for soccer their lineup creation tools are lacking

  48. I ask not to check on ya to see if lying then call out but I like to follow users on resultsDB it’s a good way to learn and get better I’ll be checking ya out. GL brother

  49. No issues. I keep my userna.e the same pretty much everywhere for transparency.

  50. What about if the 20 max is the only ones I play for Showdown? I probably could stand to get more contrarian but unsure if I want all of them to be since they are the only lineups I have. Not sure how to distribute the way I want to play the slate across the 20 lineups.

  51. 20 max has 100k entrants. It's a lottery if that's all you're running. And due to it being a lottery, I typically go contrarian in them.

  52. Outside of max entries, are there any contests that would be good to enter like perhaps single entries? Lottery doesn’t sound like good odds to hit but mainly looking to give myself better odds to hit.

  53. Single entries and go underdog or have a large standout in there.

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