1. No. The Digital Services Act (DSA) was agreed on before Musk took over and applies to all social media platforms. It's European Law. The EU is not targeting Elon Musk or Twitter. The rules are the same for every platform.

  2. Has twitter under Musk broken the Digital Services Act?

  3. They are currently not in compliance but they still have time. That's why it's just a warning.

  4. They are not in compliance because there is no moderation team? Has there been a lot of problem tweets?

  5. honestly you are a big red flag yourself man ngl

  6. Was this right before the playoff game in Dallas when donovan came out playing the air guitar? Bc that was a brutal loss.

  7. Yes, before that he was ok with the covid vaccines.

  8. Davis Cup issue and now this? Fish doing his best to make Tennis popular in the US again.

  9. Forget the guy, take care of your MIL & family.

  10. I have the Parler app on my iOS devices? How was it removed?

  11. The Parler app was restored later.

  12. That's actually a pretty good summary :)

  13. Come on, this is how a dad talks in front of a 5 year old?

  14. Also immigrant going through the green card process need to get the covid vaccines.

  15. Ok, truth be told, I'm fat. I'm obese. My cholesterol has a low blood cell count.

  16. Looks like I am the only one to hear about a company called Balenciaga for the first time.

  17. Pretty disappointed from what I have seen so far. No slam dunks after all of his bs

  18. It's hard when he does not "remember" a lot of things.

  19. I think they did. We need to wait for the full transcripts.

  20. Thinking that “half the country would ditch Apple or Android”,.. is some seriously deranged thinking.

  21. Musk can just create his own version of Android phone.

  22. Yeah, and then he'd be competing with Motorola and Samsung as an Android OEM, not as an actual 3rd OS option.

  23. If you think the SEC regulating crypto into nothingness to usher in the CBDC is better, let me know.

  24. I don't. That doesn't mean FTX and others can/should get away with massive fraud.

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