1. Hello, this is a bone marrow smear. What are these structures?

  2. Thank you. It suprised me that the RBC look so different than on blood smear. Thank you!

  3. From my understanding, PCWP is a measure of left atrial (LA) pressure. In massive pulmonary emboli, the blood will back up in the lungs, before reaching the LA. This is more of a problem of right heart circulation (RV obstruction), rather than left heart dysfunction.

  4. I just found a data in Pubmed which says that PCWP is a measure of LA (which proves your point). For me it sounds logical, thanks.

  5. I know this is 3 years old but I just started drumming, just got my first kit and just changed out all my heads with silent strokes which lead me to this thread.... so question... gaffe tape, painters tape or masking tape...or does it not make a difference? wide and how much... 2 inches? 2 strips of 2 inches? Lastly... I've seen people put on the back or on top of the mesh heads. which is better?

  6. Mordo otrzymałeś paczkę? Mam ten sam jebany problem

  7. What is this sketches name? Thank you in advance!

  8. Do you have it on your PC? I had your problem twice and this is my solution.

  9. This is the first time I have seen a recording of doves making this sound. I hear it often and it took me years to figure out it was the doves because it is never, ever included in online resources for their calls!

  10. Great, I'm glad that you now know it. The whole intercouse started when her male (they had multiple breeds) arrived with open mouth and gave her food (like to fledginh).

  11. Great composition. What DAW do you use?

  12. They are wild animals. They will never be tamed. It may end badly for him. With no fear to people and other animals he may easily die. They are not so similar to rock pigeons. We should cherish and appreciate the moments like this 🖤

  13. Did you just assume it’s relationship status?!?

  14. Yes haha. I see that he is always alone.

  15. Ok, I have done some extensive research which will clarify everything for us.

  16. He looks young, juvenile. I think that some people here may know if it is a normal position for a bird or not. Worth asking :) I'm curious.

  17. Sitting like that is pretty normal, birds sometimes do it when they’re tired of standing, especially fledglings. Nothing to be concerned about on its own

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