1. In all fairness, I wasn't quoting her. I was quoting a different article which discussed her. I didn't find said essay and must search for it. Anyway, it sounds strange. Certainly, memorisation is a large part of the system, but so is construing, translation, and versification. Unless something very serious changed after 1868, or even after 1840 (upon the death of Joseph Goodall who kept the old system alive), they should have had the necessary skills to read, analyse, and understand sentences, not just to memorise them.

  2. While searching for her essay, I found this. It speaks volumes.

  3. Alasdair MacIntyre is a (not verywell) hidden Catholic theocrat and his "publuc virte" thing is largely about gay marriage so no, I don't agree with you.

  4. God bless you! We are chained in our lives sometimes but the intellect lets us find freedom, although not the salvation found in Jesus Christ.

  5. The Iliad and Odyssey may be reads you enjoy as well.

  6. Considering the war in Ukraine right now, I find this a bit concerning.

  7. anyone else see the `forbidden blueberry pie` in the thumbnail

  8. On a not-strictly-rational level, I just like the aesthetics of democracy vs. dictatorships in the same way I prefer butterflies over cockroaches. The word is prettier too.

  9. What part of willing to die for freedom do you not understand?

  10. Thank you so much for your comment. We did look into some help for shelters but Texas has them far in few between. And my mom is stubborn as a mule and can be an idiot. She wants to keep my brother in school but the area is EXPENSIVE she can't afford it. There are places for her to go live in but she refuses because of her one personal reasons and the because she has a hill she wants to die on. I didn't even think about the court battles, and the other things. I had such a romanticized vision of it, I thought I would finally be getting a place to call home, and somewhere I could get away from them but you're definitely right. She always gravitates towards her family, and I honestly can't trust her. She is making it seem like this is the ONLY way she can have somewhere to live. Thank you for telling me this, realizing this make me jllearn that she was probably manipulating me and making me sign this for her. Thank you so much again I honestly can't thank you enough

  11. Should we have an opinion about Catholic liturgics. I’m not sure why, as orthodox, we should critique the liturgics of another faith. Do you have an opinion or critique of the Orthodox liturgy, does it matter to us? I have to wonder why we get these questions about what the orthodox opinion of Eastern Catholicism and Roman Catholics are, almost weekly, sometimes multiple times per week.

  12. I was never a fan of the Vulcan’s Noun series. Spock’s World and The Romulan Way were way better.

  13. at least medieval heresies had names that were less cringe. you are not a child, do not use rhymes or baby talk to describe your own beliefs.

  14. "I call my doctrine 'Elected and Perfected.' " - John Calvin, probably

  15. Eh. I may have been into something of a unusual position, but I can't say I was that attached to most of my girlfriends. I knew that I was always about two weeks away from a new one, so I didn't really treat most of them as much other than a temporary distraction.

  16. Are you aware that women have worth as human beings, not just "wife" or "temporary distraction"?

  17. Yes. It's part of our universal human heritage. You should also read classical Japaneseor Chinese stuff.

  18. The reasons they ask for evaluations from everyone is to gather information that might be useful in identifying problems and improving their service to students. She was providing useful feedback.

  19. NTA but you may only now be realizing that your fundie lifestyle is actually not empowering...once it's too late. Basing my comment on your earlier posts about women and even little girls needing to cover their arms and shoulders. Well this is the other side of that life.

  20. Well Prots attack Catholics too for pretty much the same baseless reasons.

  21. This is not a canonical parish. Thr more adjectives in their official name the less real they are (Holy Orthodox Church of North America or Genuine Orthodox Church).

  22. Leaving aside colonialism, I'm going to push back on this a little:

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