1. It's a very strenuous 15 year program at Nova Scotia Community College. Only two or three have actually matriculated with the degree.

  2. Barkhouse killed all the others.

  3. Cloned with an extra trigger figure for redundancy in case one gets blown off. Ingenious.

  4. I love to slice the A-wing while someone is taking a pic in front of it.

  5. 11 in photo 2 definitely is Star Wars but i can’t remember who specifically.

  6. Photo 1 #19 looks like a set of wheels from the S.L.A.M.

  7. The wicked witch and the blue ninjago will enable some interesting abilities.

  8. Nice. They have all 9 episodes of Watchmen for $7.99. I don't seem to be able to copy the link to it but it's under TV Spotlight towards the bottom. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Are you getting custom doors? If not you should determine the door size before you begin modifications

  10. That'd be a pretty great callback to the original notion of the fig.

  11. The chrome weapon and 'shield' were cool too, I Just always thought it was funny he somehow appears shorter than everyone else.

  12. Understood - is that a replacement or just painted silver?

  13. Thanks, I bought one at HD as well but was curious where to screw-in the other end.

  14. the best is when you had to re-add them to Home and need to get the QR code which is behind the faceplate...

  15. How about when the WeMo app and your router both show them as online, but they refuse to respond at all?

  16. View into the state of the galaxy post-RotJ pre-TFA.

  17. What's your outside temp? I know mine is sluggish when it gets very cold outside.

  18. In my experience that'll do it. It'll bounce back.

  19. Looks like a Friar Tuck repaint to me. ;)

  20. Walt would probably love a new Swamp Thing film. Creature Commandos too.

  21. Should we start the campaign now to have Q voice Skeets? Or is it unrealistic that the Staten Island accent survives to the 25th century?

  22. Boosta, yer in 2024 nahw, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  23. That’s a bummer to me. Damien is the least interesting Robin imo. This slate kinda does nothing for me lol

  24. I wonder how this is going to be presented.

  25. Flashpoint gives them the ability to "reboot" without it being a *reboot*.

  26. Can't believe Walt admitted he has PSTD. (Penis Scared To Death)

  27. Less than 3 minutes in Bryan says there is "There's a lot of talk about cultural appropriation in this country"

  28. Who knows more about the zeitgeist than a guy creeping up on 60 who rarely leaves the house?

  29. I've seen people that try to collect as many color combinations as they can. A single person might be clearing the pegs on their own.

  30. That's crazy. (person who bought all 4 battledroid decos in the Ep I first wave)

  31. I skipped both recent space monkeys so no.

  32. Is the blade pushed in and turned until it’s locked in?

  33. Still remember preschool teachers saying, "Hey (sic) is for horses!" whenever we used it to address someone.

  34. Heh the old “hay is for horses”/“and you are one” call and rejoinder.

  35. Interesting that the “new” generation of Starfleet seems to have the same view of the TNG/DS9/VOY era of Starfleet as Janeway (and likely others) had of the TOS era.

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