FT Thread: Liverpool FC 1-0 Manchester City FC

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  1. To be fair, Saka has been outstanding today, lad’s on fire.

  2. I seriously can’t comprehend that we are losing to Arsenal

  3. Give Bobby a new contract immediately, lad’s on fire

  4. Not a fan of the Queen either, but the British people have it hard enough in these difficult times. She was a beacon of stability for what it's worth and now that's fallen too.

  5. Exactly. Hopefully things change now, for the better, of course.

  6. I heard the same noise around 3 am. It was also heard in Manchester so it can’t be the airport. Strange.

  7. Is this the attack from yesterday or has there been another one?

  8. Is he leaving for real though? It’s hard to process that. That lad was quite talented, gutted to see him leave

  9. I loathe the British government. They may not rule over an empire anymore, but the way they handle foreign politics with arrogance is disgusting. The people aren’t terrible, but there’s a huge cultural divide between the more prosperous coastal and southern cities and the north, which is much more conservative and “Brexit.” They try to be European police like how America tries to be world police, but they don’t want to be in European affairs. I do like the Scottish though, they’re some amazing people.

  10. The way they cut the video right there, makes me certain that the tank was left intact.

  11. Just stumbled upon this channel:

  12. I prefer the ones which clearly separate personal opinion or analytics from news broadcasting. Preferably done by individuals. I want to see raw material first, make my own opinion, then hear opinions of other people. That's what I don't like in western news - it always come with biased narration, they always guide you into a 'proper' way of perceiving news.

  13. That’s precisely what I was looking for. I don’t want someone’s opinion to dictate my perception on the situation; I want to see everything for myself, make conclusions and then proceed to listen to others.

  14. Are they calling Stalin a fascist even though he is the biggest anti-fascists this world has ever seen?

  15. It seems that they don’t even know what fascism is.

  16. The cost of one A1-SM Fury drone complex is approximately 92K USD.

  17. On the Wikipedia it says the extended range version has a max range of 45km ar am I mistaken?

  18. You’re technically correct. The operational range of the CAMM-ER is 45km. However, the radar can scan up to 120km; which makes it a pretty formidable system.

  19. Okay, you want to live under Islamic rule?

  20. You know what’s funny? I wouldn’t mind a Muslim/Jew PM here as long as they are not corrupt and care for the mid-lower classes.

  21. Of course not. But again, it’s quite naive to think that Kadyrov would „purge“ all the homosexuals in Russia if he became president. Notably, the majority of Russians abhor LGBTQ+.

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