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  1. If you shake it more than twice your just playing with yourself.

  2. Let's get that out on to a tray. Nice.

  3. Just browse this sub and you will see wtf is going on. There is a major lack of common sense.

  4. Most of us can’t do basic math, let alone type a grammatically correct sentences.. 😀

  5. According to telegram this is the work of US sabotage and i believe it as well. I would like to know what you guys think as well? Is it sabotage or due to some other causes?

  6. Get out of here with your Russian brainwashed bullshit! Im happy over 55,000 Russian troops have been killed for being where they are not supposed to be. Slava Ukraini!

  7. Was the food ok? My friend Tony wants to know.

  8. My local grocery store also does this. They also have a pack with hit dog stuff also packed like this, they also have a quesadilla pack. It's so weird to see.

  9. True story. I once kicked the shit out of a ghost kid. I was at home with my 2 daughters 1 was 2 the other was 5. The 2 year old was asleep on the couch and my 5 year old and I were playing karate ninjas, basically fake kicking the air around each other pretending to fight. I started spinning and kicking with my eyes closed when I feel my foot hit my daughter hard enough to hurt my foot, Im thinking I just kicked the shit out out of my daughter, my wife's gonna kill me. I instinctively yell Oh Shit, I'm sorry baby, all while opening my eyes and I clearly see a girl in a white dress run into the room I run after her thinking it's my daughter. Then from behind me I hear my 5 year old say where are you going, I froze did a 180 and see my 2 year old sleeping and my 5 year old standing there confused as to why I had cussed. I asked her where I kicked her and she just looked at me like I was crazy.

  10. We lasted about 3 months In that apartment before we moved to a different unit due to creepy shit happening. Even though we were within the same complex, the new apartment immediately felt less dark, for lack of better words. Gives me goosebumps recalling the story.

  11. I can't stand that Fucker. He whistles when he breathes.

  12. To be fair he was probably going to be set on fire anyway.

  13. What is the third top dog of the civilian flight sims?

  14. The guys on the tug are having their minds blown by the constantly changing weather. Lol.

  15. From snow angels, to Hells angels, to asphalt angels!

  16. Got one last week from Jack in the box. It was for a missing item. Got the ping to get said missing item, got a free breakfast platter from manager he felt bad for me having to go back.

  17. This not fire, we just now at 1,000% production.....

  18. He bumped 3 of Elons starlink satellites with one rock

  19. I heard he was blindfolded when he defeated them.

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