Maybe maybe maybe

That's a little funny

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Hope to make it to the other side.

  1. did we find out how he did this? i know i asked it couple days back but i want to know how he did this with his face

  2. omg thank you!!! i wanted to try this but i thought he did the same thing as you described with his RCE drone instead so i kept blowing my self up trying to do this😂

  3. why do i feel like this song is targeting me personally?

  4. Please Tell me i won’t get the same treatment as the cows because i blew your cover😂

  5. it said it was? maybe it wasn’t originally but was bought by netflix or something

  6. ahh ic ic ok that makes sense thx for clearly that up lol

  7. replace leafy with umbreon and you got my dream come true

  8. thankfully yes i was panicking and i didn’t know what to do she’s a very stubborn bull terrier and i at the same time didn’t want to get bit i would rather have sliced my hand then have her swallow or even cut her tongue on the glass

  9. Phew, lucky you’re evidently just a total Chad who’s willing to sacrifice a hand for the greater good

  10. Ty! And yes i shall wear the title of chad with great honour i won’t let you down!😂

  11. i don’t know the type of jumping spider but what i can tell you is that its fucking adorable i would recommend posting this to

  12. How did you get that many flashlights and two sets of old gun parts?

  13. my theory is he had a friend on the server with him and made his friend get all the parts then gave the parts to him?

  14. After crafting the gun the parts respawn. Can't craft it again, but the parts are still in your inventory

  15. i thought this too but wasn’t sure if op wanted to go through all that pain again lol

  16. Jada is a terrible person so I don’t care who makes fun of her, more power to them

  17. my thoughts exactly i am surprised this isn’t all anyone is talking about when mentioning how horrible of a person she is

  18. and a female one at that this guy is beyond lucky i have been bitten by one before i live on the outskirts of toronto and i encountered one in my shed one day luckily it was a male so it was a lot less painful then if it was a female

  19. I found a female at work and kept her as a pet until she passed after laying an egg sac! Unfortunately I culled the sac because I was living in a rented house and couldn't risk having a whole bunch of baby widows roaming around. Are you sure it was a widow that bit you? They normally take quite a bit of provoking before a bite

  20. I am almost positive it was yes it fell down my shirt and he was crawling around in there for a bit it must’ve got frightened cuz he was trapped and bit me to make his escape

  21. Search “ending” in this sub and read the discussions over it. Maybe that will give you more appreciation for it.

  22. Also there are some good discussions for each episode and a post ending discussion linked in the menu section of this sub.

  23. alright i will definitely check them out i am actually kinda curious about what other posts think/say about the sea horse episode

  24. Lukewarm take. This is one of those divisive episodes that tends to be in everyone's top 10 or bottom 10.

  25. Finally somebody who agrees with me lol yes i agree it’s not that i hate it or anything like you said there are other episodes that are far better and more enjoyable

  26. No not at all but as another user commented it had way more of a deeper meaning then i initially realized

  27. Diane is one of my favorites too so I just wanted so much better for her.

  28. ya i guess your right i just hate how bojack never really found love

  29. They would just get high, watch Horsin Around and have sex

  30. I just noticed that the spaghetti ship that she collides with says Cartindale Cargo.

  31. that is genius lol i love when the writers make small little jokes like this

  32. yes i was fried when i wrote this that was what i meant lmfao

  33. no lol i hated them both by far the most annoying characters in the entire series dare i say even more annoying then pickles

  34. no i mean you can equip meds and things on the backpack as well

  35. ya i knew that but like i want to have meds in addition to my flintlock and katana but i don’t think that is possible

  36. you can do 4? i play on ps4 and last i checked only able to equip 2

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