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  1. I'm not single but I budget like mad for groceries. I could give some useful tips to help you stay under your desired budget:

  2. thank you for this 🥺 i decided to let go of the budgeting super hard for groceries given how much everything costs. my partner and i split groceries but they make 1/4 of what i make sooo i do pick up the majority of it. but since we’ve joint most our funds together it’s helped us both a lot. i’ve been able to pay off 3 credit cards, a bank i owed money too and start making payments to clients!

  3. 1- I'm in good shape and healthy yet 2 years ago I had to change to a healthier diet than I had previously and even back then my diet was fairly healthy. I had to choose recovery and being able to go back to work ( I had a stroke ) or depend on medicines and side effects and most likely changing careers and working for much less money. The new diet won and because of my diet changes our food bill went up. I am currently not taking any medicine and the moment I stopped I began feeling better and better. Eating healthier despite the higher cost was a choice I had to make and the difference in income had I quit my job would have been tremendous, not to mention loss of medical insurance and other benefits this job pays. Short answer, my health far out ways and 8 dollars per day ( 210 per month ) is not something I'm going to consider. 2- short answer I have not been in your shoes but I have dealt with debt issues that at one time seemed overwhelming to me . That is a very long story but 26,000 credit card debt and IRS 32,000 . I paid all that down over a 3 year time frame. 3- Once I had a settlement agreement with the IRS I went full on with paying down debts. The IRS debt I paid with in a few months of the agreement it was the credit card debt that took me a while to get through. I would call on the phone and check my credit card balance and pay down a portion of the debt every 3 weeks or so and every time the balance went below a round 1000 dollar market I would make sure not to let it go back a above . Say 14868 to then 13937 as just an example . Once that 14,xxx was removed I focused on removing the 13,xxx and so on. I got into it. I have never forgotten the process though and because of that I have kept my debts manageable and I do my best not to get carried away on frivolous spending.

  4. thank you so much for sharing your story, i also took a severe paycut, but after hospitalization that is okay. I'm young (29) but I know that debt isnt forever it does suck right now tho haha, i also owe the IRS money... so the 130K isnt the total, but i havent found out exactly how much it is yet because my CPA's are working on it

  5. you are your own boss in this situation so you can just archive them, people are honestly super annoying sometimes!

  6. close out all apps in the background, let the battery run down to zero and then plug in. it's a more complete reboot than the official one. or do the above and upgrade to the latest IOS if you haven't already

  7. I have suspected for awhile that t-mobile somehow prioritizes newer phones to get faster service, either by assigning certain IMEI's to be using the less crowded spectrum or some other weird setup.

  8. hmmmmmmm you could be onto something. i’ve had my biz w them for like 3/4 years now and i never noticed it before with verizon or sprint

  9. ngl old man, i’m not reading that. you literally ignored my entire point because it’s marginalizing the black people that once lived here. and many people from here can no longer afford it. so where are they going?

  10. because who tf says coa? what is that?? it’s atl. mid 30s seems like a stretch.

  11. hey, i’m a gen z/alt girl domme type. my content is on the lighter side but would love to make a connection

  12. i fell from the top 25% to the top 40% BUTTT i did my photo shoots for reddit, IG, and Twitter and they’ll be done being edited soon

  13. General rule of thumb, if you are thinking of entering any kind of SW with a partner, it needs to be discussed with your partner. I understand that you're in a tight financial spot, but honestly, SW costs a lot of money in the beginning if you don't already have everything for it.

  14. jeff, was super racist but when i used to work there, he told me i had a pimp which never have never would if i went back to dancing. but he used to insinuate to dancers that we had to pay him an additional 10% of our earnings on top of what we tipped the bouncers, housemom, bathroom, and DJ. he would make sexual remarks often. he was just gross

  15. I played a domme role when I danced, so I never allowed customers to try and make me feel uncomfortable about the name I chose. we pick stage names for a plethora of reasons, safety being one of them. So my response was always, "my name is Aquarius, what's your wife's name" or something smart in response to make them uncomfortable back.

  16. probably the tatcha eye cream and the nyx photo finish primer!

  17. in the state of california, a single cockroach is grounds for unlivable conditions so i would def tell the owners so that they can report it to their property management

  18. Is this real sincerely a Floridian

  19. So sorry my guy. Maybe you should have someone co-host your car. There are certain states that are doing well. Your car would do well in Atlanta, GA

  20. have a frenemy of yours book a rental, take the car up to orlando and “accidentally” submerge it in water. bingo. now you’re up

  21. you can always ask a dancer if she’s comfortable with it. if it’s a strict club you probably won’t be able to do that. expect to pay more than just the dance and don’t forget to tip!

  22. Thank you! I understand this is your income and I absolutely will always tip well. I’m the “if I can’t afford it I just don’t go” kinda person

  23. i always like to remind customers just in case they are new to the club scene! i hope you get what you’re looking for. i played a domme role when i danced and had customers ask me similar things all the time. my club was ok with it

  24. i’m not understanding why you keep going back then. but misery loves company

  25. that’s not an interview? if they want to proceed they need to just hire you at this point. smh

  26. i’m sorry not to be insensitive. but this person assaulted you and you gave them a second chance?? no.

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