1. Pray to our lord ans savior the lord of all ducks! The duffy duck!

  2. Yes by doing this he is gainin support of religous fanatics and europe haters .for the next election in may ( its not truly cofrimed but gues) so thx to that guy for giving erdogan support. If he thinks erdogan is angry? Think again before this happen main discussion in turkey was erdogan cant be president by the law and now he is distracting media and nation with this i am prety sure he is incredibly hapy to not just change the subject but also gain support by acting like angry.

  3. No, that was the previous stunt in Sweden, this is going to take place in Denmark. Paludan has burnt qurans before, so this isn't new or necessarily because of Putin. He probably just sees this as a great way to mock muslims in general and Erdogan in particular.

  4. As a turkish muslim i dont care but i like how he mocks the erdoğan so i kinda support him

  5. Demonslayer is a lot better than espionage expert, but Aru should perform well enough, if you give her the right feats for long bow combat. Is your MC a zen archer? Those are front loaded, Aru will get the instant enemy spell (3rd level), that she needs to use against at least bosses to get her full ranger bonuses against most of the enemies, and also Quarry, which will help her with hitting things. Combine this with (mythic) rapid shot to give her one additional attack, and this levels the playing field at bit more.

  6. My mc is demonslayer but i mistakingly chose animal companian (thought rangers bond was a single use)

  7. I mean Zen being a sitting duck inherently makes him harder than mobile supports because his mistakes are far more deadly. Honestly id only say Ana is harder

  8. A wasteland populated with rape and murder is a wasteland with the legion in it you bumbling simpleton. They’re just fucking raiders in cosplay! How can you not grasp that?

  9. Okay man we get it you are a hard core ncr fan now go back to ypur brahmin barons and help the corrupt democracy at least 1 faction is honest about they are evil(legion) while ncr is the same old corrupt republic has nothing intresting and most basic faction in probaly inn all fallout series .

  10. Erdoğan aday olmasin. Tum sorunlarimiz cozuldu simdi.

  11. Okay, but then why play hog? All his damage value comes from that one move. That would be the same as hooking and right-clicking. You can try playing that way, just hook them and then wait a second before shooting, or better yet just hook them and only let your team shoot them, let me know how much fun Hog is to play after that.

  12. Thats the problem hogs entire gameplay is hook and kill He cant dive or protect the team its a bad chracter design that entire gameplay is based upon 1 shot and suevive. But like you said thwy can add a debuf that he cant attack after hook or decrease the hooks range and hitscan to make it harder to hit and be a punisher instead of "if i see you you are dead"

  13. But if he can't kill you how is he a punisher? His weapon sucks if the target isn't in close range. If they still want him to hook but not one-shot then just change his weapon.

  14. He can still 1 hook and 1 shot but the hooks will be harder to hit and less range so he can kill enemies who are out of position so he can punish bad positing . But best option would be change of weapon

  15. Its great unlike roadhog and winsten its harder to master and fun to play and finaly feels like a tank.

  16. This was the beginning of the downfall. Why didn't Sansa tell Jon the Knights of the Vale were a day away?? Why didn't Rickon zig zag instead of running a straight line. Why doesn't the giant have a fucking club?? He could single handly destroyed that shield wall.

  17. True battle scene was good but strategy was cheap

  18. My experience has been: "no components?"

  19. I haven’t played 76 in quite a while so I completely forgot Bethesda basically already did this lol.

  20. Fikrine degistirmeyen inatci bir kitleye sahipiz genel olarak

  21. Yea that trigers when a kinhdom controls %90 of the map starts from randon corner but thx to khuzait best option (mongol invasion) vould be weird samurai invasion would be cool but it would break the historucal cultures of the calradia since this is before the warband (if i am not mistaken) still gane desperatly needs it and i wouldnt mind if they add samurai invasion since there is samurai armor in warband.

  22. Yeah the subreddits been nothing but karma farm at this point

  23. Is HoG oVeRpOvErEd I saw people calling hog players brainded noobs and say it needs nerf. Tho i wouldnt nerf hog because of 1 shot but pick rate like repear there is guys that switches to hog after slightly lossing like the zarya before the zarya nerf they need to make hook harder to hit so hog wont be so easy and will get slighlt less pick other than that without a hook hog is not a big danger. Or increase the hook coldawn maybe.

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