1. Make sure to show Ethan how to catch a pokemon carefully. Otherwise you have to do that all again.

  2. I swear I’ve done it more times than I can count.. he just can’t get the hang of it

  3. Snow, Persia, and Elk are the three I think of right away

  4. Can’t say I watched much of Saya/Logix as I wasn’t much of an early OWL viewer ( watched a few things hence my ideas about Effect etc) Someone over Fate is a confusing one to me I didn’t think of an overly amazing non-flex support for Boston minus maybe Faith?

  5. If you weren’t much of an early OWL viewer than why tf do you have munchkin hago harryhook and tviq LOL those guys are fossils in the scene

  6. bcs i slowly have watched more and more from old games (hago bcs im now a london fan, effect/harryhook because i was originally a fuel fan when I started and idek why ik of munchkin 💀

  7. Dude hago wasn’t even the starting flex support on London and all he did on Florida was contribute to them finishing 20th in 2019 😭Meanwhile gangnamjin was a part of a mayhem roster that finished top 4 in at least 2 tournaments in 2020. You could even take peak kariv who was an important part of the valiant’s 3rd place finish in 2018. Not tryna hate too much I just don’t get it at all 😭

  8. I’m from detroit, getting into Canada isn’t much of an trek

  9. Reading the replies to gator on Twitter made me laugh so hard

  10. What the hell is this summary LMAO Why do they need a fight club to have sex😭

  11. I thought if you’re dating a girl that automatically makes her your girlfriend lol

  12. Sounds like a lost cause then. You can't learn if you think there's nothing anyone can teach you. Why are you trying to help him? Does he ask you for help, or is it some sense of obligation on your part?

  13. If one of my friends said that I would definitely try to prove to them that they’re wrong

  14. Many people seem to forget that Seahawks legend Jerry Rice actually spent a few years on the niners too

  15. Wow. That old Seahawks mascot is really bad. Has those unsettling vibes no doubt. Talk about a major upgrade.

  16. Doomfist easily has the best kit for smash. I’ve been saying it since the day he was released

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