1. Wow how do you have a hand like that and only 6k trophies? I just breached 7k and managed 72nd place, which is better than I typically do.

  2. Rq78 Exige V6 cup and I'm in love with it

  3. I got stuck. Only have one of the three main SRs, not enough RQ to finish round 2 with URs. :(

  4. My Italian off-roader garage isn’t that great, so I’m going with the stratos! Will help fill in that gap.

  5. Indulge my unrealistic/delusional pipe dream for a minute (and my bad/hackneyed effort at a concept photo).

  6. Mac court is way behind modern standards is the problem. There’s no economical way to upgrade it to meet current seismic code, which is something they’re trying to do for all buildings on campus. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tear it down in the near future.

  7. As a solo node validator I am counting the minutes until we can withdraw our Ether. You make a lot more on rocketpool

  8. How can rocketpool pay out more than the standard payment? Sounds like a scam…

  9. Is that how you get stains out of plaster? If so, I need to do that too!

  10. It eats the outer layer of plaster and exposes “fresh” underneath. You need to know what your doing so you don’t cause irreparable damage as well as draining your pool empty risks floating it if it rains heavy.

  11. Yeah I’m in the PNW, so would definitely need to time it strategically. But my plaster is nearly 50 years old, and by the looks of it has never been touched!

  12. That’s an insane engine. Just about keeps up with my supercharged V6.

  13. I never have pressure like that on my skimmer basket because my pump also pulls from the bottom of the pool… is yours not set up to do that? Isn’t that a safety concern?

  14. I can't believe that I am living in a world where $40k for a base model car is not a bad deal. I see a lot of pain for the middle class in the future.

  15. Yup. It’s not pretty. It wasn’t that long ago that $20k for a new car was the middle-ground standard.

  16. So if I can manage to beat the other 4 campaigns I’m stuck on, I have a chance!

  17. Looks more like a day 801 pack but what do I know?

  18. Then everyone would join yellow and there’d be no one left to race against.

  19. I'm in Houston and the shit that ends up my pool is 90% ants 😕. I need to eliminate them somehow.

  20. It’s worms for me. Every time it rains (which is a lot in the PNW), a new pile of worms appears in the bottom of my pool. It’s still a mystery how they get there.

  21. I’m considering 323 on this one since it has excellent MRA and I don’t have any decent FWD dragsters. Thoughts?

  22. I just love how the damage tells you exactly how this event unfolded.

  23. I’d still go 332. It’ll still be one of the best ALL UR dragsters, whereas there are plenty that can handle better.

  24. Hmmm… I just finished the last of four flights, no internet, and it worked great the whole time!

  25. Who cares? It’s just a skin, you can play the game without it. If you’re filthy rich then you can buy it to show off. Life goes on.

  26. People don’t get addicted to learning English though. What would your suggested alternative be?

  27. You’re only 3800 trophies with 12 legendaries?? No wonder I can’t win any events, lol!

  28. The Dodge Caliber. My expectations were low, and it still managed to come in way lower. I hate CVTs.

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