Citadel Tower in Chicago is Burning

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. I am willing to believe this post was made in good faith, and I think it's critical to allow dissenting opinions to be heard.

  2. Any call to action will really benefit from a link directly to the point of action, and crystal clear instructions about what to do when you get there.

  3. I love your work, but I can't figure out this illustration... what is it tied to in the picture?

  4. A partially-transparent doggo. Just to give a sense of what the bandana looks like when worn!

  5. Thanks for the reply! I was trying to see body parts and a head, but it sounds like it's just the neck.

  6. And who is lending them money? Their interest rates must be out of control.

  7. Dollar endgame confirmed: the USD is going down hard.

  8. This is fantastic and fills a need that was hard to address without compromising your security a bit. Nice!

  9. Maybe you shouldn't have broken the law? He should get worse.

  10. Drugs can cause people to fundamentally reprioritize things in their lives... people less and drugs more.

  11. I haven't played oblivion but I have played other games where this was true. What happens is that player levelling ends up with diminished returns. At some point, you are barely scaling up damage and health and have all skills unlocked. The enemies however keep getting large chunk increases in both damage and health. The game gets harder, usually with the enemy monsters all using ultimate skills too.

  12. The enemies level up with you!? That sounds like incredibly bad game design, if I'm understanding it correctly.

  13. I've gone into a number of places now, including Jimmy John's and Jersey Mike's, where they just assault you with the tip screen as you stuff in your card, and it's getting really out of hand, and I'm beginning to seriously resent the guilt trip tipping culture that's developing. It's freaking fast food, no service required other than to not introduce bodily fluids into my food. It makes me want to punch the owners in the face.

  14. Give them 1 start review, and say why you're giving it.

  15. I can't help but think about it like a gay mating ritual.

  16. With Trump in charge it was just so much easier to buy any information you wanted about the US, sometimes for as little as a flattering comment or booking the executive suite at one of his resorts, that you didn't have to resort to things like "trust us, it's just an errant scientific research balloon".

  17. Can I tell you a secret? Anybody with someone like this is a piece of shit.

  18. Thanks for the details. I do not have margin or options enabled. Guess I have to call ..

  19. It's considered margin of you transfer bank funds to fidelity, then purchase immediately after.

  20. Interesting. Although I transferred cash into the account two weeks ago. I was going to buy then but the price was moving up and i was limit buying at under 19.50. i went a full week waiting to buy and finally decided to buy this week and got them at 20.70. I guess I just need to call.

  21. Yeah, that should be plenty of time for the money to come from your account

  22. They're is a good argument to require all big buys or borrows. But why would it be a short who had this obligation??

  23. This is a comedy show not an actual pastor

  24. Any creature with a tattoo across the lower back/base of the dinner is imbued with incredible strength. They receive a +5 modifier to their strength ability score, and make all strength-based checks with advantage.

  25. Why do people keep trying to argue or convince or "sell" these poor employees on the DD?

  26. a company cannot act with intent to effect a short squeeze...that is an illegal activity.

  27. this is the right answer: there is legal risk to the outlined approach.

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