1. Eastern ukraine badly wants to join Russia and wants USA to just fk off and leave everything alone. But they will push this to the end for one world government and possibly ww3

  2. This is a declaration of war, Russia stands in their way for one world government

  3. They are laughing at us at this point

  4. So literally the best person ever lol

  5. This isn’t worth one of your angels getting an injury. Just say there must have been a miscommunication about weight, and explain how heavy riders in the past have hurt horses and that can’t be risked. Maybe offer a refund or whatever compensation possible

  6. Honestly it would be worth the trip to see nature/cuddle with the horses and pet them. You can offer bonding time with horses for their kids, brushing/feeding/petting. That would be worth the trip for me

  7. Looks like Andrew but maybe just an extra

  8. did you really fast over 20 days? What did you have during it? were you able to still function at work/school?

  9. Rothschilds funded Lenin & the Bolshevik Revolution to weaken Russia. They also funded nazis. Lenin’s statue is in Seattle, New York and all over Rothschild and friends homes

  10. Just searched that and didn't get what you're claiming to get.

  11. Yep just checked, it is gone now 24 hours after this post. Feels like they read this sub sometimes

  12. It’s a narrative, he sold his soul to the freemason oath for fame

  13. Ukraine is being used harshly for other people’s agendas

  14. soros/wef make decisions for ukraine

  15. I actually don't hate Susan. But I think some of her choices don't make much sense... Like keeping a kid in a private school to the point where you are a lying to your husband to be a web cam girl... But when you are Desperate, you don't always make the best moves. For some reason, the "need" for a man annoys me more from her than it does everyone else, even tho I think they all "need" a man in an annoying way. Also, she just seems a little whiny, but again, it's no more prevalent than the other characters flaws.

  16. Totally agree, the worst thing the writers did to her is that web cam girl thing. It doesn’t even seem like her

  17. I will be 100% but it’s a rant so that’s okay, just needed to get it all out

  18. The Donbas region has been hosting Russian backed paramilitary groups waging war on Ukraine since 2014, perhaps that has something to do with those regions experiencing violence? maybe just a little bit?

  19. Patrick lancaster is a good reporter who has been showing the truth since then, grannies being attacked/blown up by Ukrainian nazis is all excused by Donbas hosting pro Russian groups?

  20. I’ll be watching it on crave with HBO attached. $20 a month canadian.

  21. Someone threatened to slit my throat after I pointed out Gaby raped John.

  22. she literally did.. actress is amazing but script given to her s1 was awful

  23. So much, she literally helped a child being abused by a stepdad

  24. Dont ever come to the bus stop when I pick up my kid if you think this is horrible 😭😭😭😅🤣 I adam sandler it all day everyday unless I have to interact with people

  25. omg I love this so much, I look homeless and pray I don’t run into anyone

  26. I know it was a one time thing. My best friend is great but she’s a lot to handle and my husband isn’t attracted to her at all and we had a long conversation about it after when we were driving home. I’ve known her for 10+ years and my husband and I have been together for 5 years married for 3 and I trust them completely she was the only person I felt comfortable with to do this because I knew at the end of the day she wasn’t gonna steal him and he wasn’t gonna leave me for her.

  27. If he wasn’t attracted he wouldn’t have sex with her. I think he’s lying

  28. These games brought the strip club into our kid's rooms and we just accepted it

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