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  1. If that's true, then what a waste of resources by Putin. Honduras is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, ranking just above Haiti.

  2. fed will never allow a housing crash again. If powell does not cut rates by 2023 then he probably will be fired or worse.

  3. Well, not on purpose anyway. But adjusting interest rates is a very blunt instrument. They don't have the level of precise control you seem to think they have.

  4. I see Russia’s strategy is to make Ukraine tired from over punching. Soon, the Ukrainians will be so tired from killing Russians and blowing their tanks up, that they will simply fall down. Brilliant strategy.

  5. ugh... all this winning is exhausting! We surrender!

  6. Please note these cities also have very poor job markets and pretty bad weather

  7. If OP is in the healthcare field, jobs shouldn't be a problem in any of these cities, and they aren't the economic wastelands you seem to think they are.

  8. Point taken about healthcare being a very resilient sector, but the economy of upstate New York has barely grown at all in the last ten years despite broad economic prosperity, and many Rochester companies have moved elsewhere. The healthcare systems in these eastern Rust Belt towns are going to start feeling demographic strain as more and more retirees from the Baby Boomer generation move away or die, and their populations are generally not growing.

  9. Who cares, as long as OP has a good job and an nice, affordable home in a nice neighborhood. It's not as if OP was hoping to work for Kodak or Xerox. and all those old-money boomers moving south and dying means cheap houses for sale.

  10. toss the cheese rind in soup to give it a savory flavor.

  11. What do you think the ratio is of people who sell their home based on financial reasons like interest rates vs moving out of necessity, like starting a family or job relocation?

  12. Although I am seeing some flippers listing homes for unrealistic prices. I saw some of these fixer-upper homes listed 6 months ago, and lo and behold they are listed again, with a few kitchen and bath upgrades, cheap ugly flooring, painted grey, for more than twice the price.

  13. wouldn't that pull all the potassium, calcium and magnesium (all the positively charged ions) out of the nutrient solution?

  14. I'd be tempted to grade it as an automatic zero, But I'm sure the actual grade isn't much higher than zero to begin with.

  15. soda is mostly corn syrup. which is kind of like corn juice, if you think about it.

  16. I have respect for those who didn't watch the show, who also didn't brag to everyone they met about not watching the show.

  17. Just buy some cast iron pans. It's a learning process, but the pans will literally last you a life time.

  18. carbon steel is pretty good too, once it develops a good patina.

  19. woodpecker. Probably a pileated woodpecker looking for insect larvae

  20. A lot of birds, bats, fish, amphibians, and other insects eat them. They're a very important part of the food chain.

  21. Imagine if we could get a show with the budget and effects of ROP, and the character development of WoT or Arcane.

  22. One of those things is not like the others.

  23. yeah, They all have strengths and weaknesses. that's kind of the point.

  24. I bought a house in my second year on the tenure track. spouse made less than me. No kids. and then I did not get tenure. But by then my house was worth quite a bit more than when I bought it, so when I sold it, I pocketed a nice profit, which took the sting out of the whole situation. And by the way, it turned out fine. It was super stressful, but it turned out fine. I got another job. Tenure denial isn't the end of the world.

  25. This is an extremely comforting perspective -- especially re: not getting tenure, which may be one of my most dire fears haha. It seems like renting for the entirety of my assistant professorship would be dumb if the market allows a purchase... Thank you!

  26. think of it this way. literally no other career has an equivalent of tenure (except maybe federal judges, or some members of the clergy, I suppose). And everyone else lives their lives without worrying about it. They live with the knowledge that they might have to switch jobs some day. That's the norm, for basically everyone outside of academia. So why should we act like it's a catastrophe?

  27. the photo you linked to was taken through a telescope, using a phone attached to an eyepiece adaptor. Birdwatchers call this technique "digiscoping" and it's capable of producing surprisingly high quality photos.

  28. I am of the opinion that most of the time, it's good for someone's department to know they are getting interviews. It puts them on notice that you other institutions consider you valuable and employable.

  29. They are in debt to anyone who owns government bonds. when you buy a bond, you are lending the government money.

  30. You can. Eye doctors do it all the time. They have a special camera that takes pictures and everything.

  31. it would be considered extremely rude to tell someone they have toh against you. In fact, doing so could be more shameful than the original offense, so you'd end up with toh against them.

  32. there's a pretty good book called "The World Without US", which is about exactly this topic.

  33. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine would like to have a word with you.

  34. fruitcake is delicious! and I would be happy to receive it for Christmas!

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