1. how to improve instant ramen, or are you asking for recipes for broth?

  2. I don't think it's thick enough wood to drill a tang hole. you'll have to use both pieces sandwiched together.

  3. I bet that clown will vote for trump in 2024 and I also bet he thinks the election was stolen. Only remorseful because he got caught . Enjoy your time shitbird.

  4. Keratin is insoluble in water as well as in organic solvents so it would be almost impossible for enzymes do cut keratin protein in smaller parts to start digestion.

  5. many microbes can digest keratin, so it's not impossible.

  6. for a patterned blade like that, I agree that simple is best. Don't want to distract from that awesome feather damascus.

  7. If the cost of living was low enough for it to make financial sense, and the college was financially stable, then yes.

  8. If you're so damn smart, why are you applying for postdocs at schools you view with contempt?

  9. The east side of town is very quiet, I would consider it to pretty safe.

  10. what would you consider the east side of town? like, how far east do you mean?

  11. Honestly, I've been teaching long enough that I can easily just ramble on for an hour about pretty much any topic on my syllabus. Give me a whiteboard marker and topic, and I'll be fine.

  12. I live in a very nice apartment ~3min walk from campus with 2 other roommates. I pay about $800 in rent, including utilities. I spend around $100/week on groceries.

  13. Boston is literally the most expensive real estate market in the country. They recently passed San Francisco. So, yeah, anything is cheap compared to that.

  14. Ask yourself: What if you sell your current house, but can't get an offer accepted on another house before you have to move out?

  15. We don't hire professors with any consideration of their management skills, nor does any university seriously invest in training management skills. It's all just Peter Principle run amok; folks with the unrelated skill set to get tenure wind up as department chairs and are expected to handle a completely different set of challenges while managing down to faculty and up to deans (who are usually just as dysfunctional, if not more so).

  16. This is waaaay beyond "poor management skills", this is an unhinged, paranoid tantrum.

  17. looks like you've already made your decision and you're trying to get us to sign off on it.

  18. Would this advice be applicable to those in the united states? Is there an American counterpart to this?

  19. how about someone shopping for a non-new / used home? What would the timing

  20. Prequalification or preapproval can be done up to a year in advance just in case you aren’t “mortgage” ready. Rate shopping should be done the day you get the contract.

  21. Another prime example of why we need a Federal Department of Pimp-slapping.

  22. what, and put all those small, independent, mom and pop pimp slapping companies out of business?

  23. It's like a shopping mall, a train-station, and a prison block had a baby.

  24. Of course there is more to evolution than just natural selection. But that doesn't mean natural selection don't happen. And it absolutely doesn't mean that evolution doesn't happen.

  25. What rock have you been living under? One of the most famous Italian icons basically jumps for a living.

  26. Nissin Raoh is pretty solid. Tonkotsu is awesome. Soy and miso are pretty good too.

  27. I recently left such a college, and yes, it was obvious that many of the administration were expecting the place to fail.

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