1. You joke, hut a sale with enough gross profit margin can often get thjngs like this. Keeps people coming back.

  2. Overeem is one of the most popular fighters ever.

  3. the real crime is the god damn johnny manziel jersey. yikes.

  4. defoliate, light doesn’t seem to be penetrating well enough to feed those lower nugs

  5. Yeah Dana has always hated DJ for whatever reason. Dude was so entertaining and such a cool dude, they could have built him up but instead reminded us how he never pushed tickets. Yeah... I wonder why

  6. it’s like boxing, no one gives a shit about the lighter weight classes and it’s criminal

  7. Uh pretty sure Mayweather is still the highest paid fighter of all time, and Pacquiao is surely up there

  8. ok real quick google top 50 highest paid boxers, lemme know how many are below lightweight

  9. Havnt heard of that before. Hemi thing or EcoD thing? Or is that the ever laughable Pentastar V6?

  10. once again i confuse this kid for jarrell miller for a split second and think huh?? future of boxing??

  11. four if you count the little rubber one built into the drain plug

  12. hard pressure, heavy clinching, fainting to get a reaction, closing the distance but honestly if he’s fast you’ll eat a few punches on your way in

  13. And the truckers defending said DVD players with sawed off shotguns like they were goddamn Wells Fargo coach drivers fighting off the highwaymen.

  14. i will say some truckers are wild. my gf’s dad is a trucker, had a pistol pulled on him and the crazy fucker just snatched it out of his hand like it was a movie. i will never mess with that man.

  15. So my impression is that it’s generally bad practice not to back off a torque wrench during storage as it could affect the calibration. But, has anyone seen actual data of it affecting it? A friend claimed they had calibration stuff, checked wrenches over multiple years, and it doesn’t matter if it’s stored like this. I’m wondering if anyone has tried anything similar.

  16. i’ve heard it messes with the spring if you leave it set, however i’ve also heard totally resetting it can mess with other components, a study would be interesting

  17. Using brake cleaner to clean your hands exposes your skin to carcinogens - in short, it can cause various kinds of cancer. Not to mention how damaged and dry your skin gets from brake cleaner. Use soap!

  18. i thought it was brake cleaner in the morning to wake up, coolant at the end of the day to wind down?

  19. 2014 kia soul+. on the highway, CE light turned on and I started hearing this clicking noise. oil light would flicker like this as well.

  20. the car market right now is a nightmare, look around shops near you and get a quote on a new head, don’t drive this and make the situation worse, least of all with the wrong oil viscosity. i’ve seen catastrophic gdi engine failures, it can he violent and the fire risk is real. not something you want to happen on the highway. be smart, be safe, look into repairs first, a down payment with years of car payments is more expensive than the repairs would be. you could always sell it once it’s fixed if you feel ready to move on, but like i said the market is awful

  21. You can drive the car still but it's going to get progressively worse but if you're going to get a new car anyways, you should just drive it until it won't run anymore. What you can do is replace the engine oil with some thicker oil and this should help with the noise. So if your car takes 0W-20 or 5W-30, swap it out for 10W-40 or maybe even 15W-50 if you can find it.

  22. This is how I feel Mike McDaniel was all game

  23. i must’ve quoted this clip 20 times yesterday lol it was nerve wracking

  24. I got a draw after Ngannou lays them both out with a steel chair setting up a triple threat match at wrestlemania

  25. bro don’t forget stipe has money in the bank he’s been holding onto

  26. this feels like some shit i saw in the hallway at high school lol

  27. casually dismissing the 100+ years boxing has existed and built its fanbase lol

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