1. That gauge isnt really a good way to determine MPG. Just press and hold to reset while cruising whatever speed you want for about a minute and youll likely get a pretty good estimate. Also note that when changing stock fuel injectors to anything else that gauge becomes useless. My Z with GTR injectors on E85 says I get 54MPG 🤣

  2. Throttle therapy, I like that lol And your Z of course

  3. Nice! I wasnt sure which color decal to go with but ended up going with silver to match the wheels.

  4. Nice I see you got the 370z rear wheel bearing upgrade in line, they’re so much beefier than the 350z ones. That’s gonna look so good, make a post once they’re in!

  5. Oh these are pics from 2 years ago haha the 370 bearings and axles are great. A cheaper route is literally just getting an entire 370Z rear subframe which includes diff, axles, bearings, brakes, suspension components etc. Bolts right up

  6. Damn. Previous owner really put an entire 03-05 front end on that 07-08 lol Bumper and hood included 😵

  7. Take en engine bay vid at idle and also have some do a quick rev to like 2K ish RPM

  8. The manifold from a vq37hr will fit a hr? This is new to me , would it need any modifications to fit and if possible can it be made to fit a de this has brought so many questions to me

  9. Literally just bolts up. Just gotta make sure to use the lower runners as well. Hell, you dont even REALLY need to the runners either because one can offset the bolt holes in the manifold to mate up to the HR runners but its just easier and cleaner to use both VHR manifold and runners together, along with fuel rails since theyre different.

  10. I appreciate this , I didn’t know any of this. just opened a whole new path to me

  11. No problem, any questions dont hesitate to ask. VHR mani on HRs has become pretty common. I think I did mine like 5-6 or more years ago now. Throw some OEM R35 GTR injectors in while youre at it. They flow 550cc and are great for full bolton HR/VHRs on both 93 and E85

  12. Always go HR if its an option. They make more power, more reliable, are more mod friendly, have a much better block design such as the inclusion of a bedplate girdle for the crankshaft, higher flowing heads, much better rod to stroke ratio. You have the option to easily throw the 3.7 rotating assembly in it since it shares the engine block with the 37VHR or literally just use HR heads on a VHR shortblock. Shares transmission with 370Z and other manual trans VQ37VHR cars (just without the 370Zs synchrorev feature) JK41 transmission is great, just relocate the slave cyl to the outside and youre good to go. Can find HRs almost everywhere since they did come in a few other Infiniti vehicles and whatever part you cant find more often than not you can use one off of a VHR.

  13. Hard to tell. My 12:1 high comp 3.7 HR doesnt sound different than when it was just a stock 3.5HR

  14. Just to be sure . You happen to have more photos? Perhaps including the color coding (I see yellow) and maybe even the lettering

  15. 2003 de manual. I have uprev and i had to unlock the ecu to access it, i only ended up changing the maps on it but i plan on getting a dyno within a month. I posted a pic of my cams, i have no idea what to look for to tell if they are jwt

  16. I just found and replied on that post but I'll copy pasta here These are definitely NOT stock DE cams. Theyre for sure JWT. Lobes look very agressive, like the C8s

  17. These are definitely NOT stock DE cams. Theyre for sure JWT. Lobes look very agressive, like the C8s

  18. Not with that sidewall size. Remember the sidewall size number is just a percentage of the width. Thats a 24" tall tire lol stock tires on Zs are typically in the 26" range. If you do by some chance want a 215 wide tire but want the correct height then youll need to run 215/50/18

  19. Next step is to pull the bumper and see where the wires (if any) go . lol Now we gotta know!

  20. Dayum, I’m guessing the fenders are rolled and pulled pretty good. My current setup I’m running the same wheels but for tire 295/40/18 nt555 and they like to rub sometimes.

  21. Yeah I rolled them like 11 years ago but your sidewall is a bit too tall. 295/40/18 is a 27.3" tall tire, I try to shoot for 26" and up to like 26.4" max Try a 35 as opposed to a 40. Since that number is just a percentage of the width.

  22. Good to know for the next set since I’ll be replacing them sometime this year, I was thinking on going with a 285/35/18. Running 18x10.5 +15 for the rear. Mine only has a slight roll so sometimes it rubs towards the front inner lip and on part of the bumper, but that cleared itself lol.

  23. I was gonna say 285/35/18 might be a better choice. That's what I run when I dont run around on drag radials. I just add a 15mm spacer when doing so so its still flush.

  24. Just gotta let natural selection do its thing lol

  25. Awesome vid. Liked and subscribed

  26. But did you ring the notification bell? Haha

  27. Manual trans? Regardless thats too gatdamn high for an 03. Id pass on it personally. You could find a decent 07-08 HR with manual trans for around that price

  28. It’s an automatic transmission, my budget for a car is 15k or under. I saw a 370 for sale for $16k with about the same mileage and I’m leaning more towards that. But I saw the 350 for that price and I just thought to ask folks in the forum if it’s a good idea or nah

  29. Yeah just go for the 370. Assuming clean title and nothing seriously wrong with it

  30. I prefer the one that works where I'm at lol

  31. Normally I dont like the clear tails but it looks really good with your color. I also know not to argue with people from Pennsylvania lol especially if its a Penguins or Flyers fan 🤣🤣

  32. About that the car actually has two different head lights one seems older

  33. What year is the car? The headlight in the picture is 03-05. Id assume it was in an accident on the passenger side front and they replaced with a cheaper older headlight ?

  34. It was years ago but you have to buy 2 trim pieces that are the gray lines mid grill. Everything else I believe lined right up. Haha, if you don’t drive like a boy racer it’s hard to mess up your front end

  35. Ah yeah those little pieces add up quick lol 100 bucks for the long piece on the bottom row, 43 each for the two side pieces in the top row and 35 for the tow hook cover to complete the top row. Then 80 bucks for a set of clear reflectors and youre out around $350ish with tax and shipping just for accessories on a bumper 😵‍💫

  36. Looking at the wrong end of the spark plug lol need to see the other side to determine engine health along with mileage on said plugs. But don't be alarmed by the rusty looking color on the porcelain though. If you had oil in the spark plug well then you need to replace the valve covers since the spark plug tube seals aren't sold separately like the outer gasket

  37. Yehh there was some oil on the spark plug, nothing crazy but it was kinda wet

  38. If it was really leaking youd know pretty quick, there would a good bit of oil when pulling the coilpacks oit and the tube would be half way filled with oil as well

  39. Imagine trying to teach this guy the difference between ft-lbs and lb-ft, static and dynamic torque and that the unit of measurement to tighten a fastener is not the same unit of measurement to measure power output of an engine.

  40. Even though Ive owned one since release I still stood there, admired for a second and took a picture just like this yesterday lol

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