1. He kicked huntress out of justice league because she killed some villain.

  2. Happy Hogan remembered Spider-Man when he visited aunt Mays grave. So it is only Peter is forgotten and people still remember the menace.

  3. No, the New Gods are way more than just regular beings in DC. They're literally living concepts who take physical form with infinite emanations in the multiverse. Darkseid isn't just some evil alien, he's the literal embodiment of evil and tyranny itself

  4. What are desaad, kalibak and granny goodness embodiment of?

  5. Luck is about survival without crippling injuries. A win isn't always possible. She couldn't even defeat the juggernaut even though she managed to evade.

  6. Invulnerability is a power which he didn't always have, just like his other powers. His powers start manifesting in late childhood to early teenage in most incarnations.

  7. I have some money invested in Sintex stock (using zerodha), but last few weeks it opens at lower circuit every day. Is there any way for me to cut my losses and sell it?

  8. Would Pick Steve Waugh over Ricky tbh. Ricky average around 40 in England and 26 in India.

  9. Especially since this is for no 6 spot which is close to Waugh's usual position and far from Ponting's.

  10. The thing is, Gunn's first movie would very likely be superman and come out in 2025. In that movie there's no need to involve Batman, except maybe drop an Easter egg.

  11. Deadass 😭 Mans saw the walls and was like “Hmm…I could go around. OR I could drive into it and die a hero!”

  12. My name is yoshikage Kira. I am 33 years old. I live in northwest area of morioh, where all the villas are. I work at Kame Yu departmental store.

  13. I caught Toyman, Mirror Master(?), and Clayface. Who's the second one you mentioned?

  14. Any event where a gorilla can utilise its advantages despite the lack of fine motor control and joint mobility.

  15. Unless the kids parents are abusive at all, then they're probably dead as fuck

  16. Joker isn't a children saving anti hero. He's a murderer who has killed children toddlers and infants for giggles.

  17. Yuvraj: A key middle order batsman who could bowl (and eventually became a spin bowling all rounder), who performed with both bat and ball to win 2011 world cup (and was also a big factor in 2007 T20 WC)

  18. Also, usually in these shows the teenage kids are annoying but in this one, you'll quickly get attached to Jordan and Jonathan.

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