1. i built a segway version of this!! i made a one wheel thingy using a cooking pot and small wheel and it functions basically the same

  2. i was literally just coming here to ask this question lmao. i jump over.

  3. 5 is a funky lil dude and 8 looks like a cute butterfly so i’d pick one of the two

  4. “you are unclothed” has me laughing way harder than it should

  5. You're correct, since the Earth is furthest away from the Sun during that time.

  6. i just, for some reason i can’t figure out how to combine my thoughts to answer the question.

  7. I’ve never personally experienced this problem with perler brand clear boards. Is that what you’re using?

  8. does anyone have this photo without the caption?

  9. my bedroom wall is covered in sprites from all of my interests

  10. Every room in my house is full of bookshelves full of glimmyglobes. Every. Single. Room.

  11. These are so cool! Do you take commissions? I'd love to get a couple for my sibling

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